Burning Up: Smoke Jumpers, Bk 1
By pamelalynne
Oct 16, 2012 - 4:11:56 PM

Jack Donovan is a smoke jumper and he loves every minute of it. To him, there is nothing better than the thrill and excitement of jumping from a plane into the heart of a fire and putting it out. When Jack gets a call that he is needed back home, he hauls butt to get there. As soon as he arrives, he learns that there is a big outbreak of fires in his hometown, which is not the norm. Something is definitely afoot and Jack is going to get to the bottom of things.

Things get even more interesting when Jack learns that an old crush, Lily, is back in town. He immediately heads out to her homestead to reunite with her. His first lead comes not long after visiting with Lily. It seems that Lily has a stalker, one that is not afraid to get up close and personal when setting his fires. Jack is livid when he witnesses one firsthand. From that moment on, he decides that he is the perfect man to protect Lily. He just needs to convince her of that.

BURNING UP is scorching hot. I felt as if I had a fever just from all the tension and passion between Jack and Lily. They really know how to turn up the heat in the room. I very much enjoyed learning how Jack and Lily first met, of their attraction, and of his gentleman-like handling of the situation. Jack knew that Lily was too young for him, and resisted, which is not something we see very often in love stories. Years later, when fate gives them a second chance, Jack and Lily both are smart enough to seize it. I cannot wait to read the second book in Ms. Marsh's SMOKE JUMPERS series.

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