Busting Loose - Roped and Wrangled series
By Diana S
Jan 27, 2014 - 8:00:00 AM

Bea Muldoon has come back home to Marshall, South Dakota, to her family's ranch. Bea is an out-of-work actress who hasn't been home since she was a teen-ager. There is ranch business to be taken care of since she and her two siblings own it now.

Morgan Browning is the local vet and a long time friend of the Muldoon family. He needs a receptionist quickly and talks Bea into taking the job. Morgan finds out Bea is more of a distraction then he bargained for.


Bea has come home to try and get her siblings to buy out her third of the ranch so she can go back to California, and find another job. There has always been a strain between siblings because her brother, Trace, and sister, Peyton, were taught how to help with the animals and the day-to-day running of the ranch. Bea was kept inside by her mother and not allowed to be a part of anything, so that drove a wedge between them.


Bea finds that she enjoys working at the vet clinic and helping in the new animal shelter with Morgan. Morgan is amazed how smart Bea is and wonders why she tries to hide it. As Morgan and Bea’s relationship becomes more personal, can Morgan talk Bea into staying in Marshall and help him with the shelter? Will Bea, Peyton, and Trace get to know each other again and try to get along?


I loved this story on so many levels. I related to sibling problems and not knowing how to get back together as a family. I understood Bea's feeling that nobody thought she could be good at anything. Family dynamics are always a good topic to interpret and see how the characters interact or not. The sassy women in this book are funny to get to know and I love how they dealt with their male partners. Of course, you add in the animals and it makes it more adorable. A fun read for all that I totally recommend.

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