Butterfly Kisses
By Deborah Kimpton
Jul 28, 2006 - 5:11:00 AM

In BUTTERFLY KISSES, Ann Cory brings us a story of hope, inspiration and true love. Charlene is a champion swimmer with high hopes for an Olympic medal. She found her strength and solace in swimming for most of her life. In times of tragedy, her swimming has been there to support her.  After meeting Bryan, her life opens up to new and exciting possibilities. Suddenly, there seems to be more to her world than just swimming.

Bryan is willing to give life to Charlene’s every fantasy and support all her hopes and dreams. Through their relationship, they find their lives changing irrevocably. Out of the blue, an unexpected event occurs that threatens to destroy all their plans. Can they overcome together? Or will Charlene be forced to enjoy only the memory of Bryan’s beautiful butterfly kisses?


BUTTERFLY KISSES is an inspirational tale of love and acceptance that is gentle, yet passionate. Charlene and Bryan’s relationship is described intimately allowing the reader to understand the true significance of butterfly kisses. I felt that Ms. Cory successfully transferred a great deal of emotion and insight onto the pages in a relatively short space of time. We learned so much about Charlene’s drive and ambition and this plays a significant part in this story. We also saw the depth of emotion that Bryan held for her and felt his pain and despair as if it were our own. I felt this was a very moving story with believable characters and offered thought provoking moments and sexy little interludes.          

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