Butterfly Unpinned
By Chrissy Dionne
Jun 1, 2009 - 9:57:16 AM

For the past five years the young woman known only as Butterfly has existed as one of four playthings of her Master Gary.  Every move she makes, her thoughts, her body and her desires are dictated by him.  Up until now she’s viewed him as a sort of savior Gary came into her life at a crucial point where she desperately needed saving.  Unbeknownst to him, his little Butterfly has sprouted a backbone to go along with her ‘wings’ and is ready to step foot back into the outside world – and all thanks to the Navajo woodworker he hired to create masterpieces for his home.

Navajo woodworker Bryan Lapahie is thrilled to be working for such an exclusive client.  His business is still young and this presents him with a better opportunity to attract wealthier clientele.  Bryan loves working with wood and the pieces he’s been commissioned to create will truly be awe-inspiring but not nearly as captivating as one of the women he’s being paid to recreate in wood.  Bryan’s a dominant man but he’s horrified by the extreme BDSM Gary subjects these young women to on a daily basis.  Butterfly, in particular, touches his heart and he knows he can’t leave her to her fate inside the deceptively beautiful mansion.   


Butterfly was already feeling discontent with Gary even before Bryan entered the mansion the first time.  She likes quiet and routine and with the other girls present there’s drama all the time.  Besides, Master seems to have lost interest in her unless it’s ensuring that she’s taking care of the running of the house or punishing her for some infraction.  She’s drawn to Bryan and his gentleness and friendliness prove to be a soothing balm to her tormented soul.  She desperately wants to spend more time with him – in any way she can, but is well aware that he’ll leave when his job is done.  In Bryan, Butterfly finds the gentle loving she craves which has never been present in her life with Master.   Butterfly’s craving for extreme kink has been exploited by Master but in Bryan’s arms she’ll find satisfaction in gentler domination.  When the time comes for Bryan to leave the mansion for the last time Butterfly gathers her courage and leaves with him but it’s at a cost to both of them.  There’s no looking back, only forward!  Will Bryan be able to provide the support that Butterfly needs to survive in the real world?  Only time will tell!


Laura Bacchi and Bonnie Dee tell an emotion driven story with BUTTERFLY UNPINNED.   Butterfly’s situation is heart-wrenching yet oddly understandable.  I could fully appreciate how she came to be with Master and was horrified at how he’s obviously exploiting her fears.  What makes the relationship seem even worse to me though is that he has very little feelings toward her – and her punishments are horrifying.  I didn’t fully understand the title of this book until I came to one particular scene that completely shocked me.  I have to say the title BUTTERFLY UNPINNED is fitting because like the small creature she’s named for, Butterfly takes the risk and transforms herself into the woman she was meant to be – all thanks to Bryan’s love and belief in her.  This book isn’t entirely about Butterfly’s struggles though, Bryan’s got issues he’s dealing with as well and they’ll have to help each other through the hurdles they face.  BUTTERFLY UNPINNED is an intense story that does have many scenes that are graphic in nature and disturbing.  However, because of those very scenes Butterfly’s strength and Bryan’s fortitude shine and prove that love can conquer all – even when the whole situation appears hopeless.  I have to confess, I’m morbidly curious about the other women left in the mansion.  Their plight is just as worrisome as Butterfly’s so I’ve got my fingers crossed that they’ll break free as well.,


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