Buying Mackenzie's Baby
By J.T.
Oct 2, 2006 - 2:56:00 AM

Pushed to the very limits of her endurance, Kate has nowhere else to turn. Only one option remains and she is forced to seek help from her estranged ex-husband, Mack. An action that puts her right where she has sworn never to be again, right back in Mack's world where every aspect of her life will be under his complete dictation.

Only one woman has ever gotten under his guard, and Kate is the thorn that refuses to be extricated from his heart and mind. Now that he has Kate exactly where, when, and how he wants her, Mack fully intends to reap his sweet revenge.

Whatever is expected by Mack, the simple act of BUYING MACKENZIE'S BABY is anything but that. Both are overshadowed by past grievances and burdened by a wretched history that neither can forget. Dare Kate and Mack trust each other enough to reach for a better future that escaped them their first time around?

This gripping novel is choked full of turbulent emotions and hidden agendas. Kim has me praying that Kate and Mack do not destroy each other and the love they have within their grasp with their misconceptions of each other and the unwelcome interference of malicious bystanders. Definitely an unforgettable masterpiece by the incomparable Kim Rees.

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