By Appointment Only
By Sarah W
Jul 1, 2008 - 10:59:55 AM

Hannah Quarles loves her boyfriend, and new fiancé, Morgan Webber, more than she can adequately express with words. However, she is not quite so sure about the venerable institute of marriage. Hannah is very scared that love will not be enough. Morgan on the other hand knows love is just the groundwork in a good relationship. He is well aware that it takes hard work and honesty to go the distance. What can he do to show Hannah that their relationship has what it takes to make marriage a success?

When Hannah reads about a new form of premarital counseling that involves matters in the bedroom, she daringly asks Morgan if he would be willing to attend with her. Much to her surprise, he agrees. Though they do not have any trouble in the bedroom, if these counseling sessions will make Hannah feel any comfort in the prospect of marriage, Morgan is willing to attend. The sessions are designed to test each other in the bedroom with various role-playing adventures. Morgan and Hannah are skeptical but are willing to try. Will these sessions help Hannah find happiness in the prospect of “til death do us part” or will they scare her even more, causing her to run from Morgan permanently?


Janice Maynard always has an original idea up her sleeve and that is definitely the case with BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Morgan and Hannah have a sizzling physical relationship, but their emotional closeness could use some work. Morgan wears his heart on his sleeve in many ways but he also gets fed up sometimes with Hannah, perhaps the mark of a realistic male character. Hannah’s reasons to dread marriage so much are also genuine and very personal. Her reasons are not contrived or written so they seem melodramatic. Fortunately, Hannah is a strong woman who does not give up the man she loves without a fight. She knows she has issues and is trying to work through them so they can have their happily-ever-after. She has courage, even when all she wants to do is shut out the talk of weddings and setting a date. Janice Maynard ups the ante on passion in her new book, BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. It is an energetic and realistic story of the ups, downs, and hard work that relationships require.

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