By Honor Bound

Author: Kate Hill, Denise Agnew, and Arianna Hart

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Release Date: October 2004

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5


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Abraham Forbes and Jim Franco were prisoners of war together during the Vietnam War. While captured, Abraham made a promise to Jim to take care of his sister, Angela, and his daughter, Polly, should something happen to him. Jim dies from an infection and Abraham endures captivity on his own, not forgetting his vow. Upon his return, Angela invites Abe to Christmas dinner with her family, making it easy to keep his pledge to Jim. What he didn't bank on was falling in love.

MAJOR PLEASURE by Denise Agnew

Major Blayne Forbes heads to Fort Carson, an army post near Colorado Springs, to talk to his friend Graham Teagan per his superior's orders. The last battle in the Middle East has taken its toll. Jemma, Graham's little sister, drives an emotionally exhausted Blayne to his apartment. She has been secretly attracted to him for two years. When a snowstorm traps them in his apartment, they spend a long passionate night getting to know each other passionately. Morning brings a whole new light to the picture; Jemma knows she will have a hard time getting Graham to accept them as a couple.


CHARMING ANNIE by Arianna Hart

When the hospital where Major Annie Forbes is based in is taken over by terrorists, Mason O'Keefe is there to take charge. Mason is wounded, but together they work on a plan to escape. Sparks fly in the darkest crevices of the hospital as the couple plot to overthrow the terrorists. They have enough time to get to know each other intimately.


Kate Hill, Denise Agnew and Arianna Hart do a superb job weaving the three stories together seamlessly. It all begins in Kate Hill's HIS SISTER'S KISS with Angela and Abraham, a wonderfully sweet love story set in the Vietnam era. Denise Agnew brings Angela and Abe's son Blayne into MAJOR PLEASURE. The hot scenes between a Graham's little sister and his best friend create a steamy story that stays with you. Finally, Arianna Hart brings Angela and Abe's daughter, Annie, to life with an adventurous takeover of a hospital complete with spicy love scenes. The three authors compliment each other's writing styles perfectly to bring you an anthology of military romance that will linger in your mind long past bedtime.



By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Kim Atchue-Cusella

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