By Invitation Only
By Pamela Denise
Feb 4, 2010 - 2:11:44 PM

Toni Fratelli decides to spread her wings and branch out on her own, leaving her home in the Hamptons behind. Unfortunately, things haven’t quite panned out for her in New York City the way she had hoped. After her career takes a nose-dive, she has little choice left but to pack it in and return to her roots. Toni’s love of food since childhood has her coming to the decision to work in her father’s restaurant while she starts up her own catering company.

Despite the well wishes from her friends in Manhattan, Toni has a few reservations. Living in the Hamptons as a rich socialite and living in the Hamptons as a worker are two very different things. She may just get her big break into the catering business she’s looking for when her best friend, Layla, informs her of her engagement and asks her to cater the wedding. Unfortunately, Layla’s future mother in-law has other plans. If it’s up to her, there won’t even be a wedding. Things get even stickier as one the biggest caterers in town gets her feathers ruffled after an article prints in a local newspaper highlighting Toni. Then there is her well-meaning but over protective dad who still seems to view her as a teenager.



During all of her drama, Toni happens to stumble across sexy surfer Chris Uhm, pronounced like the mantra, and romance blooms. Though weary of getting involved with someone, Toni is drawn to the irresistible charm Chris possesses and decides to take the plunge.  However, there’s more to Chris than he’s letting on and Toni might not be too happy to find out about the pieces of his life he’s leaving out.  Will Toni be able to find love and happiness in the Hamptons or will things all come crashing down around her?



BY INVITATION ONLY is a delightful romp through the Hamptons featuring beautiful depictions of the area. The lively antics and dilemmas of the main characters, as well as the side characters, make for a fun read. I loved the humor that was blended in, making even the grim spots comical. Ms. Della Femina’s personal life experience and knowledge of the Hamptons really shines through. A great book to take along for a seaside or poolside lounge that will keep you entertained as Jodi Della Femina and Sheri McInnis broach love, society, and scandal in the Hamptons and gives a brief inside look into corporate Manhattan as well.  

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