By Private Invitation
By Cheryl McInnis
Feb 13, 2013 - 9:12:27 AM

After being cheated on by her boyfriend, Annabelle Elder decides that she needs to make some changes in her personal life. She starts by attending a New Year’s Eve costume party at the fabulous Haven Hotel with her best friend, Kate. There, she meets Jared. Handsome, sexy and very charming, Jared immediately catches Annabelle’s attention and when he invites her to the hotel’s fourth floor for a very special private party, she finds herself unable to resist.

Jared Golden, co-owner of the Haven Hotel, already found himself drawn to the beautiful woman named Belle, but when he notices that she is wearing a brooch identical to a missing family heirloom, Jared decides to do anything that it takes to discover if it is indeed his grandmother’s brooch. Even if that means going against his better judgment and bringing Belle to the fourth floor party to share in the very adult Salon games he likes to play with close friends.

Jared and Annabelle share an amazing night together, filled with passion and an undeniable attraction. Annabelle is only looking for one night though, and Jared is focused on finding his grandmother’s brooch, a brooch rumored to bring true loves together. Even after Annabelle leaves without giving him any way to contact her, Jared can’t seem to stop thinking of her. They are both hiding huge secrets from one another, but will that be enough to keep them apart, or have Jared and Annabelle both finally found someone worth fighting for?

BY PRIVATE INVITATION is the first book in the SALON GAMES series. I found it to be a very steamy and emotional read, with well written and enjoyable characters. The story was intriguing; with a bit of mystery surrounding Jared’s grandmother’s missing jewelry that I really liked. The secondary characters of Jared’s brother, Tyler, and Belle’s friend, Kate, were also introduced and I hope we get to see more of their story in the next book. I certainly recommend BY PRIVATE INVITATION to readers who enjoy erotic romances that come with an interesting storyline and characters.

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