By The Book

Author: Nancy Warren

Publisher: Harlequin Blaze

Release Date: May 2003

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Format: PRINT

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Sex for Total Morons: A How-To Guide. Neighbors Shari Wilson and Luke Lawson have been getting each other's mail for a while. Each mail exchange heightens their attraction for each other. So, when this last mail mix-up occurs, Shari decides it is high time to seduce Luke. When she gets to his door, the above-named book falls out of her hands, out of the package, and onto the floor. Ugh! He isn't - She doesn't think - Yep, Shari thinks Luke's the moron and Luke is speechless when he realizes her assumption.

Shari is flabbergasted. After all, Luke is just too sexy for his own good. He exudes sensuality. He needs love lessons? Well, she is a teacher, after all.She starts to get an idea. Shari knows Luke is a writer, but she has no idea that the writer of the book, Lance Flagstaff, is Luke, his pseudonym. Well, Luke gets creative. He decides to use this opportunity to ask Shari to teach him the ins and outs of sex.

Luke and Shari strike up a deal - Luke is to go to Shari's ex-friend's wedding with her, and Shari will give Luke four weeks of love lessons, by the book. What's interesting is that Luke convinces Shari that he'll read the book, and that they'll practice chapter by chapter. You've got to remember that Luke felt that attraction in the beginning, too. So, after their first "lesson", Luke devises a way to double-up on the lessons.

How can Luke, lover extraordinaire, keep hiding the fact that he's very good at what he does? Well, actually, as a result of some embarrassing moments, it seems to Shari that he really does need the lessons, that he is perhaps shy, and so she takes her role of teacher quite seriously.

BY THE BOOK is a book that you'll not want to put down. While the initial attraction between Luke and Shari is sexual, and then moves on to teacher/pupil, it begins to grow to more intimate levels to each of them. I find BY THE BOOK to be an emotional read, because, as a reader, I "needed" to see the two of them recognize the deepness of their feelings, while allowing neither of them to get hurt.

Ms. Warren never disappoints. Page after page, I was yelling to Luke, "TELL HER", and whispering to Shari, "Please understand." Can you tell I was very involved in this wonderful read? Oh, the love lessons? Well, Luke pushed the schedule up some, and let's just say that Shari took her job as a teacher quite seriously. BY THE BOOK was extremely sensual, with quite an emotional tug. The characters were wonderful, as well. Luke was a serious writer, with the typical nuances of many of the writers I talk to everyday, while Shari was a wonderful, sincere woman, who, in thinking she was doing Luke a favor, endeared herself to me. Ms. Warren is an autobuy for me, without a doubt. I know each time I pick up a book of hers, that I will have a wonderful reading experience.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Robin Taylor

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