By Ann
Jul 15, 2014 - 12:29:18 PM

Sloane and Zeth have survived the ranch intact but are still trying to cope with the fallout.  Sloane is trying to comprehend that her sister is alive and chose NOT to come home and Zeth is slowly coming to terms with the fact that Sloane doesn’t need him any longer.  There are just a few problems with these particular scenarios.  How does Sloane explain all this to her God fearing parents that her sister is now married to Rebel, the most notorious Motorcycle Club President west of the Rockies?  Or how does she explain to them and herself her unusual enigmatic relationship with Zeth, the most infuriating man who understands her better than she knows her own self?

FALLEN is the latest book by Callie Hart and delves deeper into Sloane and Zeth’s complicated relationship.  Readers should start with DEVIANT to get the full impact of their anger and angst towards each other.  Over the past few books, they have been dancing around their feelings but in FALLEN, I could see that their feelings are starting to surface more.  Zeth realizes that Sloane doesn’t need him anymore because she’s found her sister, for better or worse.   She could leave him at any time.  He’s afraid to admit that he likes that she challenges him at every corner and complements his dark side without being scared off.  At first she was freaked out by Zeth’s outspoken attitude but I think she gradually enjoys being with him.  He brings out her sexually and accepts her in every way which both frightens and endears her to him.  Their games are not for the faint at heart and should come with a warning label.   Combustible and flammables inside!!  The secondary characters are very important to the story and I hope as their story continues to progress, they get these characters get their own stories because some of them definitely have something to say… For me, FALLEN opens up a new door for Sloane and Zeth’s relationship.  The cliffhanger had me hearing the songs 99 Problems and Bonnie and Clyde racing through my head….

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