Scrambled Eggs

Author: Cynthianna

Publisher: MojoCastle Press

Release Date: originally released in September 4, 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Sharlene dreams of having a family of her own. The ultimate homebody, she wants nothing more than a husband and children of her own. After three years of marriage, she's finally pregnant thanks to the powers of in-vitro fertilization. The only problem is, her husband isn't the father.

Zack's struggling financially to make it through college. Being a sperm donor pays well and according to his foster brother, Keith, is an easy way to make the money needed for school. But it felt wrong, Zack wants to make babies the old-fashioned way and only with a woman that loves him and wants to help him raise those babies.

Sharlene is thrilled at the news that she's pregnant. It's a dream come true. Then the doctor makes the announcement that should have devastated her, but turns out to be a blessing as she realizes that her husband doesn't really want her or the baby. He wants the inheritance from his uncle that having a baby would ensure. Realizing that trying to save her marriage was hopeless, Sharlene makes the decision to get a divorce, start her life over and raise her baby on her own. At the same time dreaming up fantasies of the mystery man who'd donated the sperm. Her baby's daddy. Once she'd decided to divorce Jeffrey, Sharlene went to Uncle Bart to explain about the mixup because she didn't want any misunderstanding. Uncle Bart understood the situation far too well, and insisted on giving her a check to help her and the baby get a new start on life.

Zack's financial situation is perilous at best. In order to help come up with some extra funds, he's decided to rent out the apartment area in the same building as his apartment and the electronics repair store his father originally owned. With the help of her good friend and doctor, Liza, Sharlene went to check out the apartment and promptly recognizes Zack as the man she'd mowed down with a baby stroller the day she found out she was pregnant. After falling in love with the antique elevator as well as the view from the small apartment, Sharlene agrees to take it. It doesn't hurt that the landlord is sex personified either. Out of control pregnancy hormones, sexy landlord, daddy unknown - Sharlene and Zack's lives are about to take on some interesting changes. What will Zack do when he puts all the clues together and discovers the truth about Sharlene's baby.

SCRAMBLED EGGS is a humorous tale revolving around the idea of in-vitro fertilization and the quirks that fate occasionally throws in our lives. Sharlene and Zack are both fun, simple people that have the same ideals about family and what matters most to them in life. Even the secondary characters' relationship is a joy to read. I adored that this story encompasses many issues and their resolution in a way that is amusing, realistic, and very sweet. Cynthianna's SCRAMBLED EGGS is a story sure to pull at your heartstring and give you a new outlook of those little quirks fate throws in our path that we often ignore.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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