What She Needs
By Chrissy Dionne
Jun 28, 2013 - 2:38:05 PM

Older widow Delia Barnes never imagined the black eye she’s sporting due to her own clumsiness would ultimately lead to a romantic entanglement with a younger man – and a Dom at that!  It’s an erotic romance convention so it just makes sense for Delia to shrug off her injury with the comment “I didn’t say ‘Yes Master’ quick enough.”  What she doesn’t expect is to be overheard by a real Dom who believes a new Master is exactly what she needs – and he’s more than willing to fill that role.


Dom Kurt Reinhardt is already in a sour mood when he overhears Delia’s explanation about her black eye – and it rubs him the wrong way.  His being at the hotel has nothing to do with the convention; instead he’s in town on business and honestly couldn’t care less about the ad he just pitched to potential clients.  His friend and business partner Logan is all kinds of excited about the convention since in his mind that means there’s all sorts of potential for wild hot sex, but Kurt just isn’t interested.  He hasn’t been interested in being with a woman in three long years, not since Gina…


Kurt might have thought he wasn’t interested in getting romantically involved with new woman but Delia’s comment and her infectious laugh just beg for a little one on one attention.  His offer to ‘show you how a true Master treats his property’ might have been blown off if Delia’s friends hadn’t encouraged her to accept his invitation – all for research of course.  The trouble is that she’s torn between her desire for Kurt and her sense of propriety.  There’s also their age difference to consider.  Delia’s positive she’s in over her head with Kurt, but his attentive behavior and sex laden phone calls have her wanting more of him.  She’s brave enough to accept his challenge and enjoy his tutelage as a Master – until an innocent mistake and the consequences threatens to destroy the trust he’s worked so hard to gain.


Cris Anson really impressed me with WHAT SHE NEEDS.  This is one of those stories that gets your heart racing and other body parts tingling – and that’s just the physical reaction.  Kurt’s dominant nature is the perfect accompaniment to Delia’s curious and open-minded demeanor.  I think one of the hottest things about this story is simply the way Kurt talks to Delia.  His voice resonates through the pages and had me wanting to call him ‘Master.’  Of course there’s conflict – isn’t there always? But in this case, it’s due to personal issues from Kurt and Delia’s past and overcoming them isn’t exactly as simple as saying ‘I’m sorry.’  WHAT SHE WANTS is a truly beautiful story with just the right amount of heat, light hearted fun, and emotional angst to deserve a place of honor on your e-reading bookshelf.


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