CEO's Don't Cry
By Dottie Jones
Oct 3, 2010 - 9:06:16 PM

Leslie Knotts has been promoted and transferred to the Carterville branch of Hanston and Boyd Accounting as their new branch manager.  She enters her new office to find that it is less than a step away from being condemned.  She knew that working there would not get her that partnership she desired.  Her promotion had been stolen from her by Chuck, who used to pick her brain during coffee breaks so he could get her promotion as partner, while he pretended to be her friend. 

Mark Schultz, the part-time receptionist, also has his own business, which he is trying to get up and going. He needed to get his name out there and get a few more big jobs.  Although he has always loved woodworking and working with his hands, he does whatever he can to survive.  He had a few small jobs and his Aunt Minnie’s place, the Lilac Bower, to keep him working.   He figured working at the accounting firm would help give him some much needed information about preparing his own taxes, plus he needed the money.  The former branch manager, Mr. Perkins, had hired him one week before he retired.  The former branch manager had also left a mess behind, as he did not believe in computers and had paperwork from several years back stacked in the office. Mark has neither the time nor the money to have a girlfriend right now, but his aunt and the Library Ladies, who meet once a week, have tried to match him up with single women.  So far, they have tried seven times.  The last time was with a woman who ended up in the psych ward.


Mark was tired of tripping over buckets so he climbed up into the ceiling to check on the pipe that had burst two weeks prior.  With no one to authorize the repairs since the previous manager retired, the building looked close to collapsing and the leaking roof had caused water stains.


Going to check out her new office before she even checked into the Lilac Bower, where she would be staying, Leslie was shocked at its condition.  She figured Chuck was probably having a laugh, as he knew the condition of the new office in this small town.  In his call to her at the new office, he even gloated over the fact.  But she was determined to turn the office around and update it, proving what she was capable of handling, so she could get the partnership she wanted so badly.


But working with Mark, she begins to see what she is missing by being a workaholic with no social life.  She is very attracted to him.  One night, needing to get away from the office, she accepts Minnie’s invitation to attend a meeting of the Library Ladies.  Soon she finds herself being manipulated by the well-meaning Library Ladies, who are trying to match her up with Mark.  As Mark introduces her to his friends, Leslie discovers genuine friendships and the possibilities of what a future with Mark would be like.  When a company competing with her firm offers her the partnership she has always wanted, will she accept it or will she take a chance on Mark?


CEOS DON’T CRY is a wonderful chick-lit contemporary romance, which I found hard to put down.  Throughout the story, you can see Leslie slowly changing and becoming more approachable and less business-like, as she learns what is really important in life after being transplanted from big city life into a small town.  Enhanced by humor, a captivating plot, well-drawn, complex characters, witty repartee and true love, this story is delightful.  In fact, I read it in one sitting.  The well-meaning Library Ladies and their manipulations as they try to match up all the single people in town, adds charm and hilarity to this delightful story.  I highly recommend CEOS DON’T CRY to anyone looking for a terrific read.


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