Object of Desire
By Noelle
Jul 1, 2009 - 8:12:36 AM

Laurel Blackwood was a modern day Indiana Jones. The artifact that she had just found was going to make her a lot of money, and allow her to live her life as she wanted for quite some time. Unfortunately, she was not the only one who wanted that particular artifact, and the other interested parties were going to make her life very dangerous.

Devon Mallory and Laurel went back a long way. As a former lover, he knew how she worked. As a fellow treasure hunter, he also wanted to find the fire opal, but Laurel got there first. No problem, he could take it away from her. Little did he know that he was getting in over his head, and the danger following Laurel would be transferred to him. Only by working together would they be able to get out of this mess alive.

A race through the jungle, thrilling chases, smoldering seductions, and one very special gem lie in Devon and Laurel ’s path as they try to make it home with their treasure. Will Devon and Laurel be able to keep the gem? Will they be able to rekindle the trust and love in their relationship? Will Laurel's secret job get in the way of everything they have tried to build?

OBJECT OF DESIRE was a very good book! The plot was fast paced, the adventure was thrilling, and the espionage angle added a whole new edge to the book. The developing relationship between Devon and Laurel was fun to watch, and the romance between them was intense! I especially liked Laurel's character, because she was an independent female who didn’t need any man to take care of her. She could do it on her own, so get out of her way. Devon made a very good foil for her, because he was there if she needed him, but he was man enough to step back and let her take care of her business. I loved it!

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