The Aphrodite Affairs, Book 1 - Circle of Love
By Maree Schuler
Jan 1, 2011 - 5:56:43 PM

CIRCLE OF LOVE is a rapid paced romance. Lydia is a head strong stubborn woman who can speak before thinking. After hearing that her mother has been living with a much younger man she flies to England to attempt to talk some sense into her. When she arrives at her mother’s home she finds a man there and proceeds to take him down a peg or two. Only after her tirade does she discover that he is in fact her mother’s lover’s older brother! Humiliated and hurt Lydia flees back home only to run into the handsome Raphael again at the dinner party of a friend. This begins their fast-paced romance that is filled with so many twists and turns at times it made my head spin.

While this was a great read it did feel a bit hurried to me. I wish that the characters had been given more time to grow and develop. At times the changes in the characters were so out of the blue I was left thinking “What just happened?” Over all however the story did flow well and even the moments that were surprises did flow well with the rest of the book’s pace. Besides who could ever pass over a sexy Italian man who is richer than sin!

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