Crossing the Line
By Chrissy Dionne
Aug 1, 2008 - 9:14:24 AM

Carrie Armstrong has always known she’d join the Air Force as soon as she graduated high school.  For her it’s more than a career, it’s the opportunity to further her education and see the world.  It’s been twelve years since she joined and her latest assignment has her headed to Djibouti, Africa where she’ll be putting her knowledge as a Satellite Communications Operator to work.

Marine Staff Sergeant Beau Adams has invested fourteen years in the service of the country and he doesn’t regret a single moment of it.  Well, he could have done without the divorce but otherwise he’s enjoyed the adventure, friendships and stability the military way of life has offered.  The one thing he hates however is running and with his buddy Crash on downtime due to shin splints he’s forced to endure the trail runs on his own.


Beau’s definitely not happy to learn he has to play welcoming committee for the FNGs but it’s part of his duty.  While he’s waiting pondering how long it will be before he can stop off at the Cantina for a beer he hears a comment made by an Airman waiting nearby about the new SatCom operator.  As luck would have it she’s a knockout, or a ‘Hocakes’ in Crash lingo.  Beau knows instinctively that she’s going to be trouble.  She’s rumored to be an ice queen but Beau’s quickly learning differently.  She’s not cold, simply focused.  As Beau and Carrie get to know each other on their evening runs and from the time they spend working together they develop a special fondness for each other.  Unfortunately there’s a major rule against fraternizing.  Dare they risk the careers they’ve built for the pleasure to be found in each other’s arms? 


I have nothing but respect for the military men and women who serve this country day in and day out.  Cat Johnson has developed friendships with military men and incorporated their stories and knowledge into stories that touch readers’ hearts and remind us that soldiers are human and not machines.  With CROSSING THE LINE we’re introduced to Beau and Carrie, two career military soldiers who’ve toed the line every step of the way but when it comes to love they’re putting their careers at risk simply by loving each other.


I was fascinated by Beau and Carrie’s story simply because they’re so drawn to each other and yet they put so much at risk by loving each other.  There’s a sense of innocence and ‘rightness’ about them that makes them a highly memorable couple and reminds me of everything soldiers endure on a daily basis.


NOTE: if you’re curious about what NFG stands for then you’re just going to have to pick up a copy of the book for yourself – this is a PG13 website after all J

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