Unbelievable, Book 1 – If You Believe

Author: Crystal Jordan

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Release Date: September 15, 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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The name of Aubrey’s coffee shop “Bean There, Done That” is the perfect description of her love life.  Following her divorce she moved to Cedarville, Oregon where she’s fit right into the community.  She has to marvel at the predictions of the homeless man who’s taken up residence on the park bench across from her coffee shop – especially since inexplicably they keep coming true.

It’s eerie that Jericho’s warning to “beware of fire today” precedes the flames that wrecked havoc with her business.  Now she has to deal with an injured employee, cleaning up the mess, police reports and insurance claims – it’s just all so overwhelming.  The last thing she needs is Jericho’s prophecy “you’ll meet your soul mate today.”  Her failed marriage destroyed any illusion she had about soul mates or happily ever after.  That was a lesson in heartache she has no interest in repeating … not even with the new drool worthy police chief Price Delacroix.


There’s no denying the attraction between Aubrey and Price.  They’re both divorced so he’d feel the same way as she does about marriage, right? Wrong!  Price’s marriage might have been a failure but he’s never given up his optimistic outlook on life and marriage.  He’s convinced that Aubrey is absolutely perfect for him and while she’s not looking for anything more than a little fun between the sheets, he’s already planning their future together.  All he needs to do is convince her that he wants much more than a little mattress mambo.  The only way he can think of to get her to consider a real relationship is to cut her off – until she starts seeing things his way.


Full of realistic characters, normal conflicts and a bit of mysticism, IF YOU BELIVE is an utterly charming story that kept me smiling as I visualized each situation in my head.  Aubrey’s cynical attitude about love and happily ever after is countered by Jericho and Price’s belief that anything is possible IF YOU BELIEVE.  In addition to these three memorable characters there’s a host of others who captured my interest and have me eagerly awaiting future titles in this series so that I can revisit Cedarville and find out what happens next.  The nosy busybody Mrs. Chambers’ story comes next and then hopefully we’ll see a story for Celia Occam and Mason Delacroix.  The tension between them practically explodes off the page so please, please Ms. Jordan, don’t make us wait too long J


IF YOU BELIEVE is the first book in Crystal Jordan’s UNBELIEVABLE series.  The next title in this series, BELIEVE IN ME, is due to be released in March 2010.



By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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