Jack (Red, Hot & Blue, Book 2)
By Chrissy Dionne
Aug 11, 2010 - 1:40:37 PM

The entire unit is force to a two-week furlough by the big wigs who decided that they don't get enough free time. Jack decides to head to his hometown to visit with his family and get over his bruised heart. Jack’s still dejected that Carly fell in love with Trey instead of him. He’s happy for them both but it’s still painful to see them together.

Nicki has recently been hired on at the Gordon family farm. Originally from New York, she had to flee from New York and is now hiding from thugs. They’d never think to look for her in Pigeon Hollow.

Jack returns home nursing a bruised heart. He’s definitely not looking to get involved with anyone. He just needs a little rest and relaxation time with his family. Nicki’s answers to anything Jack asks her seem vague and stir up his suspicions. He has Matt, the computer guru, check to see what he can find out about Nicki. What he learns has him wondering exactly what has Nicki on the run.

I felt bad for Jack when I first started reading this story, but he quickly forgets his feelings for Carly once he meets Nicki. He becomes engrossed in finding out all her secrets. I love the playful banter between Nicki and Jack. I especially enjoyed the way all the members of the Task Force Zeta team join forces to protect Nicki even though they are all supposed to be on a forced leave.   Cat Johnson instills a bit of mystery into this storyline as well as depicting the Task Force Zeta team as an extremely close unit – even when they’re on leave they have each other’s backs!


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