Jared (Red, Hot & Blue, Book 4)
By Chrissy Dionne
May 11, 2011 - 1:54:48 PM

Jared Gordon likes his life just the way it is - simple and comfortable. He has his horse breeding farm, good friends, his mama’s cooking, and even pretty girls (though the last one didn’t work out so well). The last thing he needs is some busy body city girl coming in and mucking up his well-ordered life.

Mandy Morris is a producer looking for the perfect town to film a reality television series about small towns in America. She’s fallen in love with Pigeon Hollow and wants desperately to film there. But there’s the little issue of release forms and the too-sexy Jared’s refusal to sign one.

I fell in love with Jared when he was first introduced in one of the earlier RED, HOT AND BLUE stories and was thrilled when I learned he’d have a story as well. He’s one of the good ol’ boys, laid back and just enjoys the small things in life. Mandy is out to prove that she’s capable of making a hit television show. The sexual tension alone is enough to keep you reading but there’s also a thrilling plot line and characters you won’t want to miss.  JARED combines all the fun and craziness of small town life with a touch of big city life by adding in the reality television craze. I got a huge chuckle out of imagining this television crew from California all holed up in the one motel in town which happens to be right next to the honky-tonk bar.


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