Man in Uniform
By Chrissy Dionne
Feb 1, 2011 - 10:23:19 PM

Evie’s sex drive isn’t even registering on the Richter Scale these days.  She’s always enjoyed healthy relationships and possessed a healthy interest in physical pleasure that ended when she broke things off with Michael.  He was the first man she ever truly fell hard for and he turned out to be a complete jerk – only it took her three years to figure that out.  Her libido has taken a nosedive and even a Halloween threesome leaves her feeling empty and alone.  It’s quite possible Evie might have to consider seeing a therapist to help get her emotions and lack of sexual interest back in perspective.   

Because Evie has two cops for brothers, she doesn’t entertain the same cop fantasies as her friend Brook because she knows about the realities of their occupation and not just the fantasy image… even if they do look absolutely delectable in uniform.  She may not have had the best of luck with Mr. Stuffed Shirt 9-to-5 either but that’s the sort of man she’s drawn to – their occupations are ‘safe.’


While doing some retail therapy in Greenwich she feels a tug on her bag.  Evie’s been mugged but an amazing stranger comes to her rescue.  He’s attractive and seems like exactly the sort of man Evie’d be interested in so she asks him out for coffee as a thank you.  Jedd Madden, hero extraordinaire, has to decline because he has a prior engagement but asks that they meet for dinner instead.  There’s definitely an attraction broiling between them but Evie’s still gun-shy about becoming involved with anyone – especially when she learns that her hero is a Lieutenant, not a street cop, but still involved in police work.  When he asks her out on a real date, Evie clues him in to her sex problem which surprisingly doesn’t deter Jedd.  It seems Jedd has his own ideas of a way to cure Evie’s sexual slump – and it could prove to be beneficial to them both. 


Sex just for fun has its place but when you’re looking for an emotional connection it can leave you cold and ‘empty.’  Celia Jade’s MAN IN UNIFORM allows readers to follow along as Evie attempts to find a ‘cure’ for her sex problem and ends up discovering that the only cure is affection and acceptance from a man she’s coming to love.   It’s extremely easy to empathize with Evie and her impression that there’s no point in getting involved with anyone if sex leaves her feeling this way.  Jedd, in my opinion, is a hero – not just because he’s involved in law enforcement but because he’s unafraid of helping Evie overcome her fear and enjoy sex again.  I have to admit, the man has moves that had me squirming and anticipating the moment when he finally shows her exactly what makes sex so special and fulfilling. 


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