Matt (Red, Hot & Blue, Book 11)
By Chrissy Dionne
Oct 11, 2013 - 2:21:19 PM

Technical guru and communications specialist Matt Coleman isn’t having the best luck when it comes to love. Because of the communication implant each of the men have he’s had to listen to several of the team members ‘hook up’ while on assignments and all he’s got to keep him warm is his computer. He’s even tried looking for love online with disastrous results.

Sam Foster holds the same position with Omega team as Matt does with Zeta. They often communicate via email and instant messenger regarding various computer issues and have become fast friends. Since they’ve never met, Matt is completely unaware that Sam is a woman.

Matt is being sent to Dubai on an assignment to help an ally with their guidance system. While he’s there, he’ll be a guest of the royal family and his every need will be seen to, including sexual. Unbeknownst to Matt, Sam is also there. She’s on a different mission and has gone in as a member of the harem. How is Matt going to react when he discovers his internet buddy is not only a woman but she’s very interested in having sex with him?

I’ve loved reading about Matt through each of the stories involving his comrades. His growing frustration listening to the sexual escapades his teammates have while on assignments is hilarious but I could imagine how lonely it makes him feel too. Sam is perfect for him. She’s just as smart at computers as he is, but more importantly, she loves and accepts him without any demands or expectations.


MATT is the eleventh addition to Cat Johnson’s RED, HOT AND BLUE storylines, and really shows the strength, compassion and downright sexiness of the men of the Task Force Zeta team.  Each story is a delight to read by itself but add them all together and they’re definitely characters you’ll want to visit over and over. 

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