Opposites Attract
By Chrissy Dionne
Mar 10, 2011 - 5:14:00 AM


Computer guru Bradley Morgan doesn’t mind working late hours. It seems to be the only time he’s able to truly concentrate on his work instead of his co-worker, Alyssa. Brad knows that she’d never go for a geek like him. She’s far too classy.

Alyssa Jones enjoys stylish clothing but she’s definitely not as high maintenance as Brad believes her to be. She’s recently dumped her cheating loser of a boyfriend whom she’d been seeing for two years. She’s never thought of Brad as anything more than ‘Brad the Geek,’ but that’s about to change.


It’s only due to Brad’s habit of working late at Computer Geeks-R-Us that he took the phone call that would bring him and Alyssa together. The caller’s cat spilled coffee all over her laptop. She’d been working on writing a book to submit to her editor and is supposed to send it that day, before leaving for her cruise. Brad promises to fix the laptop and once he retrieves the file, send it to her editor. Only once he opens the file, he discovers a key love scene in the storyline is filled with gibberish. Allysa agrees to help him recreate the scene and in the process learns there’s much more to Brad than just the geek she believes him to be.

You’ve got to love a story where the nice guy comes out the winner. What makes this story so great is both Brad and Alyssa had stereotyped each other and neither of them were correct in their assumptions.



Amy Gerald has lots of romance in her life. Unfortunately it’s all in the pages of the romance novels she publishes. She’s come to the conclusion that all the good men are gay. While cat-sitting for her friend Maria, Amy meets Maria’s neighbor Troy and decides there might just be one good straight man left.


Hunky firefighter Troy O’Donnell lives across the hall from Maria. Since he knows that Maria is gay, he assumes that Amy is as well. That doesn’t stop him from being wildly attracted to her.


Amy has agreed to cat-sit for her author friend Maria. She has no clue how to care for a cat. Fortunately, Maria’s neighbor Troy has taken care of the cat in the past and he’s willing to help out. If he had any question about whether or not Amy is gay that was answered for him when he tags along as she goes out to rescue her friend Henri, who'd gotten in a fight with his boyfriend and been left stranded. Troy had never been in a gay bar before but it’s obvious that Amy has. She even knows the bartender by name. Maybe it’s just as well that Amy’s gay. Troy will do anything to avoid a commitment. That doesn’t stop his desire from burning out of control or the flames that ignite between them.


This story is an hilarious comedy of misunderstandings and a perfect example of why you should never make assumptions about other people. We’re also introduced to Henri, Amy’s gay friend, who is a truly enjoyable character to imagine and the sort of friend everybody should have.



Firefighter Antonio Sanchez feels like he’s in limbo. He’s been separated from his wife, Tina, for five months. He’s not divorced and not really married. How long is he supposed to exist in this relationship limbo?


Since divorcing her cheating husband, Maddie Morgan hasn’t had any interest in even looking at another man. They’d tried for years to have children and Allan had his sperm count tested so apparently the problem was with her.


Antonio’s best friend, Troy invited him to a New Years Eve get-together. The party is being held at Troy’s apartment, but really it extends into Maria’s apartment as well with many of Maria’s friends intermingling with Troy’s. One of Maria’s friends, Brad, brought his sister, Maddie. Antonio is drawn to her even before being introduced but he’s married and she’s newly divorced. A relationship is out of the question, or is it? With well-meaning, meddling friends constantly throwing them together, withstanding the pull of desire proves to be too much for either of them.


I loved seeing Antonio and Maddie get together. They’re both great people who deserve a second chance at love. I was stunned by the despicable stunt Maddie’s ex-husband pulled that comes to light later in this story.  Antonio and his wife had just grown apart and weren't happy together anymore.


Cat Johnson’s OPPOSITES ATTRACT is an anthology with interconnecting characters whom readers will love. Each story is delightfully enchanting with unexpected occurrences, fun characters, and real emotions. The characters have all the qualities that you’d look for in a friend and I honestly think that’s part of the charm of this book.

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