Red Blooded (a Red, Hot & Blue trilogy)

Author: Cat Johnson

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Release Date: March 2012

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Is there anything sexier than a military man in uniform, except a military man out of uniform? Join three members of the Special Task Force Zeta as their ‘assignments’ lead them into the hands of the women who will own their hearts.


The last thing Trey wants is a girlfriend, especially one whom his buddy, Jack, believes he loves. His motto is "a distracted soldier is a dead soldier" and the sexy bartender would definitely be a huge distraction.

Carly actually owns the bar near the military base. Jack has been hitting on her for years and she always shoots him down. She has a policy against getting involved with military men.

Fate intervenes when Carly is recruited to pose as Trey’s wife for a special assignment and they both break all their own personal rules. But what happens when the assignment’s over and they return to their regular lives?

Trey and Carly’s relationship is thrilling in its intensity and is made even more exciting by the nature of their assignment. What fascinated me was Jack and Trey’s friendship and the fact that Trey was willing to pass up any possibility of a chance with Carly just because he Jack’s made his feelings for her known.



The entire unit is force to a two-week furlough by the big wigs who decided that they don't get enough free time. Jack decides to head to his hometown to visit with his family and get over his bruised heart. Jack’s still dejected that Carly fell in love with Trey instead of him. He’s happy for them both but it’s still painful to see them together.

Nicki has recently been hired on at the Gordon family farm. Originally from New York, she had to flee from New York and is now hiding from thugs. They’d never think to look for her in Pigeon Hollow.

Jack returns home nursing a bruised heart. He’s definitely not looking to get involved with anyone. He just needs a little rest and relaxation time with his family. Nicki’s answers to anything Jack asks her seem vague and stir up his suspicions. He has Matt, the computer guru, check to see what he can find out about Nicki. What he learns has him wondering exactly what has Nicki on the run.

I felt bad for Jack when I first started reading this story, but he quickly forgets his feelings for Carly once he meets Nicki. He becomes engrossed in finding out all her secrets. I love the playful banter between Nicki and Jack. I especially enjoyed the way all the members of the unit join forces to protect Nicki even though they are all supposed to be on a forced leave.



Over the course of his career with the Special Forces Jimmy has successfully navigated through many uncomfortable situations and pretended to be a variety of different people. It is during his one night stint as a waiter that he first meets Amelia, and the following morning he’s sent on assignment as a terrorist in Kosovo.

Lia is the redheaded daughter of the governor. She hates all the stuffy cocktail parties that she‘s obligated to attend. She especially hates that her father and the senator are dead set on her marrying John Dickson the third, the senator’s conceited son. She’s much more interested in a different sort of man. Even six months after the fateful night she spent with a waiter named ‘James’ Amelia still looks for him at every cocktail party she attends.

Jimmy had thought about calling Lia before shipping out to Kosovo but he’s smart enough to know that she’s a rich society girl and he was just her boy toy for the night. It never occurred to him that their one night of bliss might have meant as much to her as it did him. He’s kept her phone number in his wallet, but never expected to see her again. Imagine his surprise when the governor arrives at the Gordon’s home for a meeting with the local farmers and accompanying him is none other than the young woman Jimmy has been unable to forget, only her name is Amelia.

I had already been very curious about Jimmy from both the first story and the fact that he is Jack’s brother so this story is the perfect one to end this anthology. They’d spent only one night together six months ago but neither Jimmy nor Amelia are able to forget about each other and time has not cooled their ardor either. I love that Amelia is not a little snotty rich girl, but even if she had been Jimmy won’t allow her to tell him what to do, especially when she gets demanding while they’re in bed. As he says, he doesn’t require instructions on lovin.’

RED BLOODED is a thrilling series of stories revolving around three of the men of Special Task Force Zeta. Readers will fall in love with all three of these fine specimens of manhood and devour the pages. The heroines would be easy to be extremely jealous of if they weren’t all such great characters that you’d love to have them as friends. Cat Johnson pens stories full of heart and laughter that you’ll want to reread many times over. Now I’m hopeful that there will be another upcoming book for the rest of the members of this task force team - Bull, Matt, and BB (short for Billie Bob). These men are all really just too delicious to resist. I’ll definitely be adding this one to my keeper shelf.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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