Closer to Fine

Author: Meri Weiss

Publisher: Kensington

Release Date: July 1, 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT


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Alex was never really close to her brother, Ashley. Not like her older sister was. After all, there was a 10-year gap between them, so it’s not as if they would have a lot in common anyway. So when Ashley became terminally ill as an adult, Alex wasn’t really sure why he wanted her company to help take care of him. Why not their parents or his other sister?

It doesn’t take long before Alex and Ashley create a bond which becomes tighter than any they have ever had and the precious time they have together starts to make up for all they missed. A few short months later, Ashley is torn from her life as his illness finally overtakes him, and Alex is left with the crushing guilt of all the lost years when she could have been with her brother. Therapy sessions and a suicide attempt can’ t quench the agony Alex is going through, and when her therapist dies too, Alex feels the walls closing in on her. Then at Sam’s funeral, Alex meets Tucker who is another one of Sam’s patients. The two start an odd friendship/relationship which may help to keep Alex sane or push her over the edge entirely. Tucker joins Alex’s short circle of friends and outwardly things seem to go smooth. Alex, however, can’t seem to bring herself to tell Tucker about her suicide attempt. She is having conflicts with her best friend and just when she wonders if it’s all worth it comes across a revelation which changes everything.


This story will reach a vast audience of people who have lost loved ones to terminal illnesses. The aftermath is almost too much to bear, and Meri Weiss shows how the love of friends and family can break through the barriers of grief.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Rhea Palmer

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