Author: Cherrie Lynn

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Release Date: April 21, 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Kelsey Peterson was devastated when she walked in on her husband and her best friend Evan’s fianceé.  The divorce that followed was difficult but Evan was there to hold her hand through the whole process.  She’s afraid the tension and awkwardness between her and Evan will lead to her losing her best friend.

Evan Ross was also hurt by his fianceé and Kelsey’s husband’s betrayal but his hurt wasn’t because he was heartbroken over the end to his engagement.  He was upset because of the devastation he could see in Kelsey’s eyes.  Fortunately, Evan has a plan to show Kelsey exactly how he feels about her, but he’s afraid she may not be ready to move on yet.


Evan’s impending marriage may have been a wash out but he still has a pair of airline tickets for an all expense paid trip to Hawaii and there’s no one he wants to accompany him more than Kelsey.  He’s always had very strong feelings for Kelsey but before he could act on his attraction, Kelsey had begun dating his friend.  Now he has an opportunity to show her exactly how he feels and he’s determined not to let her get away a second time.


Kelsey’s had a crush on Evan since college but she’s always kept her feelings tightly under wraps because she didn’t want to risk losing his friendship.  One week in Hawaii could be a dream come true with lots of scorching unforgettably hot sex or it could just be a vacation between friends – either way Kelsey’s positive it’ll be a vacation she’ll never forget.


Taking the leap from friends to lovers wouldn’t be a huge stretch for Evan and Kelsey but there are issues that still need to be addressed.  Even if Kelsey doesn’t want to acknowledge it, she’s still mentally tied to her ex-husband Todd.  What will it take for her to let go of her past with Todd and move on to a future with Evan?


Evan and Kelsey have so much in common that it’s easy to visualize them as a couple.  They’ve shared a close friendship for many years but moving forward to a more intimate relationship has its own complications.  UNLEASHED is a sweetly passionate story of a friendship that’s about to undergo some major changes.  Cherrie Lynn infuses this story with humor, friendship, realistic emotions and all the beauty and freedom to be found while vacationing.  I got a huge kick out of Evan and Kelsey’s banter and how their friends and family ‘call them’ on their true feelings for each other.   One of the biggest reasons I loved this story is the vulnerability displayed by the main characters.  They’re both fearful of losing their friendship but so in love with each other that it makes you smile just thinking about them.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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