Something About That Lady
By Scarlet
Mar 21, 2008 - 11:45:50 AM

Artist and widow Brie Beaumont agrees to join her cruise shipmate for a few extra days at his cattle ranch, but Matt didn’t tell her about his cynical brother, Jed Cameron. The man will do anything to try to prove she is a gold-digger about to take advantage of his blind brother.  What has made this man so defensive and bitter against women?

Jed Cameron is not going to let some freeloading woman take advantage of his vulnerable brother, even if she does stir up unwanted feelings.  Her presence is just a little too convenient for the cynical rancher to buy as innocent.  Getting to know Brie adds more questions for Jed when he realizes she isn’t the woman he thought she was. 


SOMETHING ABOUT THAT LADY is a touching modern day western with likable characters and a familiar storyline.  For those who enjoy watching the love of a good woman change the ways of a misanthropic man are sure to enjoy Brie and Jed’s story.  The chemistry is apparent from the time she steps off the plane and continues to gain in intensity as the pair comes to know each other.  A delightful secondary cast adds extra depth to the story and kept this reader entertained for several hours.  The hero has plenty of internal struggles to overcome, and witnessing his transformation is a lovely and steadfast occurrence.  All in all, SOMETHING ABOUT THAT LADY by Carol McPhee is a fine love story to while away an afternoon.

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