Desire 3 – Desire in Flames & Desire in Green
By Chrissy Dionne
Jul 15, 2010 - 8:50:24 PM


Deputy Chief Mikala “Mike” Ritchie takes great pride in her job and has served the community well over the course of her career as a firefighter.  She’s buried her own sensuality and natural desires and sworn off getting involved in any romantic relationships since her ex revealed his masochistic nature.  It’s been years since she felt anything more than friendship for a man and yet a heated conversation with the Mayor leaves her longing for something she knows she can’t have.


Mayor Wes Barrett has for all intents and purposes made the job the central focus of his life for many years but going toe to toe with Mike incites a new sense of excitement and need – one he hasn’t felt in years.  At first he doesn’t even realize that Mike is a woman, but once he sees her without her helmet he’s determined to find out everything he can about her and wonders if she could possibly accept his dominant nature. 


Due to their positions as public servants, dating publicly wouldn’t be feasible so Wes opts to begin as he intends to go on.  He contacts Mistress Alexis at The Den and requests her aid in inviting Mike to the BDSM club.  He arranges for a gold coin to be delivered to Mike and the use of one of the club’s suites.  He isn’t entirely sure that Mike will be interested in being with him or accepting of his dominance but Mistress Alexis comes up with a brilliant solution.  She decides the best way to protect their identities in case things don’t go the way Wes hopes is to make the evening a theme night and everyone will be asked to wear masks. 


You don’t need to be anywhere near a flame to feel the heat coming off this story.  Mike and Wes are strong characters who found a way to cope after going through difficult situations.  They buried themselves in their jobs but hungered to connect with someone on a far more personal level.   This story is emotionally charged with plenty of red hot sexual interaction.  Simply delightful and the perfect way to brighten your mood.




Natasha Lindsay loves her job as Angus St. Patrick’s personal assistant.  She’s worked for him for the past eighth month and finally realized that he’s not nearly as bad-tempered as he acts.  She’s actually more intimidated by Angus’s son, Liam.  His quiet yet commanding presence and the way his eyes seem to seek out a person’s very soul draws her to him but she’s fully aware that her deep love for him will never come to anything more than the fantasies that play out in her imagination.


Interoffice relationships are strictly against company policy so Liam has hungrily watched Natasha and buried his desire for her under professional courtesy – that is until a romantic leprechaun, his father, steps in and makes a surprising suggestion.  Fortunately for Liam, his father understands the sort of man Liam is and what he needs in a lover and playing cupid is something he genuinely enjoys. 


Under the guise of being asked to pose for a campaign project Natasha is sent to a photography studio where she demonstrates her true beauty in front of a camera and reveals her deep feelings for Liam.  Liam’s a Dominant man and he’s positive that Natasha is exactly the submissive he needs but is she prepared to accept the sort of life he’s offering?


I love how the St. Patrick’s love for their homeland of Ireland and the love of the color green play into this story.  Natasha and Liam’s emotional connection is apparent even before they come together physically.  There’s just that special spark that seems to flare between them whenever they’re together.  This story is fun, fast paced, and gloriously hot.



Christy Poff will bring a smile to your face with these short, sassy reads.  Each story brings to life the tales of characters who find love when they least expect it.  Ms. Poff has proven herself to be a prolific writer who combines suspense and passionate characters to draw readers into her storylines and ensure that they live on in your memory long after you’ve finished reading.



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