Desires 2: Hart’s Desire & Yule Desires
By Chrissy Dionne
Jan 1, 2010 - 2:45:44 PM


As high school seniors Al Hart and Cory Phelps formed a special bond that only graduation and distance could sever.  They reveled in their Dom/sub relationship but long distance romances never work and so Al decided it would be best to end things between them – a decision that seemed right at the time but in retrospect it’s something he regrets.

Upon their separation, Al advised Cory to be careful in her choice of master.  They then head off to their colleges and begin their individual lives.  While successful in their pursuits, neither of them finds the sort of connection they shared with each other.  Their lives take them down different paths but their hearts are already taken and there’s no substitute for a submissive looking for her real master – or a master in search of the sub he let get away.


Very few relationships begun in high school develop into anything lasting but Al and Cory’s romance shows a maturity and mutual understanding about their physical and emotional needs that make them seem perfect together.  This story reminds me so much of that old saying ‘what will be, will be’ and the long roundabout way people often travel to find their way back to each other.  HART’S DESIRE is a story full of love, passion, regrets and hope – but then I’d expect nothing less from a Christy Poff story.




Mara Bergeron’s vow to steer clear of married men falls by the wayside when she meets Jared St. Nicholas at a party.  It’s obvious that his marriage is an unhappy one and Jared explains that his wife refuses to grant him a divorce.  Mara and Jared couldn’t be more perfect for each other.  Her submissiveness beautifully compliments his need to dominate – the only blight on their happiness is his wife’s hold on him as well as his mother’s demands. 


Mara’s very much looking forward to spending the holidays with Jared – until she finds a note from him expressing his regret at not being able to be with her for Christmas.  It seems his mother has summoned him to the annual Christmas celebration.  What Mara doesn’t know is that Jared has a very merry Christmas surprise for her but first he’ll have to confront his wife and put an end to their farce of a marriage.  Can Mara and Jared’s YULE DESIRES become a reality?


Becoming involved with a married man often leads to heartache and loneliness but in YULE DESIRES readers are treated to a real romance where the married man in question honestly wants a divorce.  Its obvious Jared’s wife is only in the marriage for money and prestige whereas Mara genuinely loves and adores him.  As a reader you can empathize with Mara and Jared’s dilemma and revel in their love for each other.  What surprised me about this story was Jared’s mother’s take on the whole situation.  You just have to love a woman who’s more interested in her son’s happiness than society’s opinion.


Christy Poff’s stories never fail to delight me with their suspenseful plots or the dynamics between the various characters throughout each story.  With TORRID DESIRES 2: HART’S DESIRE & YULE DESIRES readers are treated to two stores full of all the passion, hope, desire and devotion that pull you into the story emotionally and hold you captivated until the last page.  These short stories take two relationships that seem like they’d be unlikely to last and prove that in the end love really does conquer all.

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