The Cowboy Wins a Bride (A Chance Creek Novel)

Author: Cora Seton

Publisher: One Acres Press

Release Date: May 28, 2013

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5


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Jamie Lassiter has been plotting his future for years.  He’s squirreled away his money and finally bought into the Cruz Guest Ranch where he’s already got plans to build the perfect home for his intended bride, Claire Cruz – only she isn’t exactly falling into his arms and begging him to marry her.  In fact, she’d throw his ring back in his face if she could get it off her finger.  What kind of man proposes marriage based on a bet from his buddies anyway? 


Claire is horrified by Jamie’s insistence that she’s going to marry him.  Remaining in Chance Creek is the last thing she intends to do; in fact, she wouldn’t even be there now if it wasn’t for her brother’s wedding.  With the proceeds she received from her part of the ranch Claire intends to travel the world and leave all the misery and pain she associates with home behind her.  What she can’t understand is what possessed Jamie to mock her in such a way.  He’s a player and a flirt and she’ll only get her heart broken if she does take his sloppy attempt at a proposal seriously.


Jamie might have completely messed up on the proposal but his intentions are very sincere.  His biggest fear is that right after Ethan’s wedding she’s going to bolt back to Billings where she works for an interior designs firm and he’ll never get the chance to show her how perfect they could be together.  His solution is to propose a bet.  She’ll give him six weeks in which time she’ll design the interior of his new home and help with the first batch of guests on the ranch.  At the end of the six weeks if she can honestly say she prefers city life and world travel to marriage to him then he’ll pay for the round-the-world tickets.


Claire has a few stipulations of her own for their bet.  During the six week timeline Jamie cannot flirt with her - or any other woman – and he’s not allowed to touch her.  There’s no way he’ll be able to adhere to those rules so it’s a surefire win for her – or is it?  The more time she spends at the ranch and with Jamie she’s discovering that she loves and has missed them, but she had valid reasons for leaving Chance Creek and Jamie in the first place.  Can her past hurts and trust issues be overcome?


Cora Seton’s successfully pulled off something I thought was impossible – making a character I despised likeable.  When Claire was introduced to readers in THE COWBOY’S E-MAIL ORDER BRIDE she came off as self-centered, selfish and just plain mean, but with THE COWBOY WINS A BRIDE we get to see a completely different side of her and meet the woman beneath the façade.  While Claire and Jamie’s engagement/romance is the focal point of this story what I found fascinating was the story behind Claire’s disdain for the ranch and her desperation for the funds from her portion of the ranch.  I loved the twists and turns Cora integrates into the plot and found the book impossible to put down until I’d read every single page.


I’ll definitely be on the lookout for the rest of the titles in Ms. Seton’s CHANCE CREEK series – and I think you’ll find them just as addictive.






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By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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