Forbidden Fantasies, Book 3 - Twice the Temptation

Author: Cara Summers

Publisher: Harlequin

Release Date: August 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5.0

Format: PRINT

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In author Cara Summer’s latest novel, the third book in the FORBIDDEN FANTASIES trilogy, two sets of couples are unable to resist the temptations conveyed in their fantasy slips, giving readers twice the stories, TWICE THE TEMPTATION.

Playing With Reese


Reese Brightman is a five-star, workaholic chef with her own television series in LA. She and her two sisters own a hotel, which had once been home for silent film star Hattie Haworth. Hattie and her lover, Samuel Jenkins, still haunt the hotel.  Reese’s sister, Jillian, found a box of fantasy slips inside a hidden room in the hotel.  Each of the sisters had simultaneously picked a slip from the box…a slip that contained that sister’s actual fantasy. Her two sisters’ fantasies have come true and they have found the loves of their lives. But Reese is not interested in finding her love after having been burned once.  Her main focus is her career.


Mac Davies, the well-known and accomplished producer of Reese’s show, had chosen different locations for Reese’s show, but nothing clicked. Deciding to check out Haworth House provided that click the moment he walked into the lobby. He just has to inform Reese that they will be using Haworth House as the setting. He had chosen that weekend to check out the hotel, believing that she would be away.  Though they have never met, just seeing Reese on the television set has affected him like no other woman ever has, but, being a workaholic also, he is not ready for a relationship, so he avoids her.


Deciding it was time she stood on her own two feet and not take the easy way out, Reese accepted her hotel manager Avery’s request to attend Singles Weekend at the hotel.  First up, she was going to take care of the fantasy, but it would also get her away from her problems in LA, like the black roses she received with threatening notes, and the finicky producer who kept changing the location for her show.


 ‘You will explore all the sensual delights of having your own boy toy’ -  a fantasy she had not even known she had until she ran into the gorgeous stranger in the lobby of the hotel…a stranger who had read her fantasy when she dropped it.  Mesmerized by his blue eyes, her desire to fulfill her fantasy was all she could think about, though she had no interest in romance.  But will one night be enough for either one of them? What will she say when she finds out who he is?

This story ends the fulfillment of the fantasy slips for the three sisters in a steamy way.  With danger, intrigue, an exciting plot, sexual tension, wonderful characters, suspense, surprises, plot twists and a couple of ghosts, PLAYING WITH REESE is a terrific read.


Saving Brie


Brie Sullivan, an up and rising lounge singer, had just been booked to sing at a casino in Vegas.  That is, until she stepped into an alley and witnessed mobster Dicky Ferrante shoot and kill her boss.  Though he had shot at her too, she had once been a champion in track and used this skill to elude him.


Cody Marsh, an ex-CIA agent, was the second man assigned to protect Brie and make sure she makes an appearance to testify at the trial of Dicky Ferrante.  After her first bodyguard was shot, Federal Marshall Maxine Norville, who was in charge of Brie’s case, suspected a leak in her office and called Cody in.


Though she knew nothing about Cody, he had saved her from being shot and she felt safe with him.  Unfortunately, she was also attracted to him.  As she slept, he headed to Haworth House, where he knew the manager.  They are using the cover story that she is Cody’s fiancée and they would be sharing a room.  Cody was determined to not let her out of his sight until the trial on Monday.  Not even Maxine knew where they were going. Brie was used to singing about instant chemistry and sexual attraction, but experiencing it was something else.


She was a distraction for him as was his attraction for her, but he had to stay focused if he was going to keep her alive.  Trying to overcome his attraction to her, so he would not be distracted, they kissed…a big mistake; it only made the attraction stronger. How can he keep his hands off of her and get her to court safely?


Steamy hot, this time the mob is brought into the picture as Brie witnesses not one, but two murders after seeing her bodyguard shot, taking a bullet for her.  Brimming with plenty of surprises, a suspense-filled plot, charismatic characters, ghosts and an unforgettable ending that pulls the trilogy together wonderfully, SAVING BRIE is a powerful story.


TWICE THE TEMPTATION is a compilation of two very steamy romances.  None of the couples in either story were looking for romance.  In fact, they were avoiding it, but ghost Hattie and her ghostly lover, Samuel Jenkins, are determined to have their way.  They make appearances in different places at the hotel in these stories, protecting and pushing the lovers together, as the last of the three sisters finds love in this steamy end to the FORBIDDEN FANTASIES trilogy.  Since the stories of the three sisters is complete,  the second story may not, at first, seem to fit in, but after reading this story, it soon becomes clear why it was added.  A surprising, yet beautiful ending; all of the questions raised during the entire trilogy are answered, leaving nothing to speculation.  I enjoyed TWICE THE TEMPTATION immensely and recommend it to anyone looking for a truly enjoyable read with plenty of spice.  This book may be read as a stand alone, but to stretch your pleasure, be sure to read the first two books in this trilogy; LED INTO TEMPTATION and TAKEN BEYOND TEMPTATION.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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