Woman Seeking Man

Author: C.H. Scott

Publisher: New Concepts Publishing

Release Date: September 2004

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3.5

Format: EBOOK

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Dr. Jordan Reed's life consists of listening to others' woes in her psychiatry practice, hanging out with Erica, her secretary, and reading hot romance novels.  Erica suggests it's about time she got a real life, and Jordan agrees.  But right now she doesn't have time.  She's got to find a boyfriend, and fast.  An ad in the local paper seemed like the perfect solution, but now that she sees it in black and white, she's not so sure.

Her stepmother's coming for a visit, and Jordan's got to dig up a love interest somewhere.  Because her stepmother married Jordan's ex, and she's got to prove to both of them that she's moved on.  Even though she hasn't.  So far, the only men who've answered her advertisement are lunatics, and she's running out of time.


Brock Hamill's sister committed suicide two years ago, while under Dr. Reed's care.  His family says Dr. Reed is to blame, and he intends to catch her in some impropriety with a client and get her license taken away.  To do that, he poses as a patient with relationship problems.  The perfect solution for trapping her presents itself during a session when he finds himself attracted to her, and she responds to him physically as well.  As he tries to get her to cross the line with him, compromising her professional ethics, who's trapping whom?


WOMAN SEEKING MAN is hot hot hot!  Filled with passionate, well-written love scenes, this story held my interest from first to last.  Brock is a delicious hero, and Jordan's dilemma stirred my emotions, first with wanting to cover her vulnerability in front of her stepmother and Kenneth, and then with her attraction to a patient.  Ms. Scott handles the ethical issues with finesse.

Comedy, passion, and drama make WOMAN SEEKING MAN an enjoyable, fast read.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Grace

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