Sexplorations, Book 6 – Working Up a Sweat
By Chrissy Dionne
Jun 16, 2009 - 3:23:51 PM

After years of entering contests Calliope has finally won.  Her win – an-all-expenses-paid trip to a clothing-optional resort.  Calliope’s close-knit group of gal pals – her sister Stella, Eden, Dee, Dini and Fenny are extremely excited for her but the upmost question in everyone’s mind is whether or not Calliope will indeed bare all.  By the time she leaves on her trip, Calliope herself still isn’t sure if she will or won’t – after all, she’s an all-natural kind of girl and isn’t outgoing or glamorous enough to feel confident with public nudity.

Leo is filling in at the resort for another trainer who’s on a two-week honeymoon hiatus.  He has no clue how the regular trainer tolerates the overly aggressive women, but he’s extremely agitated by their behavior.  Leo prefers to do the pursuing and experience has taught him that beauty is more than skin deep and not one of these women have anything to offer that isn’t superficial.  That is until Calliope enters the gym.


Calliope is very much a homebody.  She’s much more comfortable at home with her own stuff about her so she feels out of place and completely out of her element.  Stripping down and participating with the other naked guests isn’t going to happen so she’s happy when Dee calls and gives her several feasible options.  Work on the book, take the cell phone out and video the ummm, scenery.  Her idea of taking advantage of the gym and the sessions with a trainer which is part of her prize package is the one Calliope chooses.  She wants to do the Boston marathon so she could benefit from spending some time in the gym – besides support is generally necessary if you’re working out so people will more than likely be clothed.


Working out soon takes a back seat to the attraction burning between Leo and Calliope.  She just may have to take Dee’s advice and spend the next week indulging in a little Sexploration.  After all, she’s in paradise for a whole week and there’s a hunky man she desires, wouldn’t it make sense to indulge in her desires before having to return to reality?  The only trouble is she’s experiencing emotions that speak more than just a little sexploration.  Will she leave her heart behind when she leaves this hedonistic paradise?


WORKING UP A SWEAT is the sixth and final installation in the SEXPLORATION series.  Sahara Kelly and Ciana Stone’s wild and wacky sense of humor has shined through each release and allowed readers to feel like they’re part of this close-knit group of friends.  In WORKING UP A SWEAT Calliope steps out of her nice safe existence and experiences a week of hedonistic delights and even falls in love – despite the fact that she believes it’s a futile situation that will end once she returns to the ‘real world.’  Leo is an interesting character all by himself.  He’s nothing like what you’d expect him to be and a prime example of why you should never judge a book by its cover – or in this case, a man! 


I have to confess I’m very saddened that this series has come to an end.  I’ve so enjoyed getting to know this circle of friends and will genuinely miss sharing in their lives and conversations.  While it’s certainly not necessary to read the SEXPLORATION series in order, I would recommend reading them all just be sure not to be drinking anything when you do – it’s very hard to swallow and laugh at the same time.


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