Author: C.J. Tosh

Publisher: Downtown Press

Release Date: September 2004

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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Sam doesn't think that life can get any worse. First, she is fired from her dream job as a celebrity journalist, for engaging in indecent acts with Russell Crowe. Then, she can't seem to get it together in the men department. The man that she adores and thinks the world of, is just a friend, albeit a friend with benefits, but it still would never work. And of course, the guy that she lusts after is a little aloof, maybe he's just not that into her, but she keeps waiting to see. So, in her deep, dark depression she mopes in her apartment, until Tom, her brilliant friend, introduces her to the best idea ever. The two of them are about to take a big BITE out of life.

Tom just can't get his personal life right. He's a gay man, who is dismissive. What that means, he isn't too sure, but that is what he is told. His new crush, Justin the cute, perfect, lawyer, doesn't respond to his advances, and Tom is just crushed. Justin is perfect for him, what to do now? Lucky for Tom, he doesn't have too much time to focus on his sad love life, because he has to pull Sam from her slump. His goal: to get her pumped up about his brainchild. He wants to start a magazine, something that will turn the country on its ear.   

The concept is BITE. His idea for the cover is a sexy woman taking a bite from a ripe, red apple. "Life is so tempting: why not dive in, muck around, take a big delicious bite of it?" Together, Tom and Sam set out to start a completely innovative concept, a magazine that tells people how to live. If one likes to travel, Bite will tell you the best places to go. If you need love advice, Bite will give it, and give it well. After Bite takes off, nothing will ever be the same. This magazine is going to be a sensation. The staff is eclectic, the content is original, and the owners are creative. There's no way that it can fail.   

BITE is hilarious! Tom and Sam are absolutely insane. The duo known as C.J. Tosh, creates characters that are funny, heartfelt and real. This novel will have you laughing, crying and gasping at some of the outrageous happenings. The concept is great, life is too short to not enjoy it. Go ahead, take a juicy bite of this one, it's a tasty treat!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Ansley

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