Satisfaction Guaranteed

Author: Charlene Teglia

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

Release Date: March 3, 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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Sabrina and Rachel aren’t finding any satisfaction in the dating pool and Emma’s separation from a cheating husband has her ready to strike out and find out what she’s been missing.   They have fantasies and desires that they aren’t finding through the normal avenues.   Fortunately there is The Capture Agency, a fantasy dating service specializing in pairing their clients up with compatible partners who are willing to push the envelope and play out their fantasies.


Because of Rachel’s high IQ, finding a man capable of surprising her is proving to be impossible.   She’s tired of the same old predictable dates with men who can’t relate to her.   Since The Capture Agency uses stringent testing she decides to give it a chance.  


Chase is the proud owner of The Capture Agency.   He never dates the clients but when his assistant Mark can’t find a match for Rachel in the data base he runs her info against Chase’s and it’s a match.   Chase isn’t happy about Mark’s interference but once he meets Rachel he has no doubt that she is the woman for him and he has no doubt that their ‘date’ is going to be anything but predictable.




Sabrina is sick of her dates running in fear just because she requests acting out her pirate fantasy and capture her.   Finding a man willing to indulge her in all her wicked capture fantasies is proving impossible but she’s still got hope.   Through The Capture Agency she’s secured a ‘date’ with a huge man who she’s positive can satisfy her every desire – that is if she can convince him that she isn’t too young or too petite for him to get a little rough.


Kane learned early on in life that his large body easily intimidates women.   That makes it difficult for him to allow himself the freedom to indulge his dominant nature.   His agent’s comment that his holding back in life is showing in his books led him to a most unusual dating service and a little slip of a woman who excites him just as much as she terrifies him.   Fortunately, Miss Sabrina isn’t easily intimidated and finds his much larger size to be very exciting – besides she’s never met a man who not only fits the role of pirate but seems to revel in it.




Emma’s trying to move on after learning of her husband’s infidelity.   The trouble is that she can’t stop loving him even though she knows that their relationship has been on a downhill slide and passion and spontaneity have become a thing of the past.   She’s been separated from Gage for the past month and she wants to move past her hurt.   After listening to Rachel and Sabrina discuss The Captive Agency she decides that it might be just the thing she needs.


Gage is shocked when he overhears Emma’s discussion with Rachel and Sabrina.   He’s never cheated on her and wonders why she came to that conclusion but quickly realizes his dedication to making a better life for them, coupled with a huge lie from his secretary, have made a mess out of his marriage.   His love for Emma has never wavered but maybe their sex life could use a little stirring up, and if it takes him using the agency to seduce his wife back into his arms then he’s more than willing to do whatever it takes.



Charlene Teglia brings our fantasies of capture and bondage to the forefront with her latest release SATISFACTION GUARANTEED.   These three interconnecting stories are told with heart, heat and a whole lot of hope that readers can sense as they read through each story.   Rachel and Chase are both highly intelligent individuals with a penchant for bondage.   Finding a compatible partner in the normal dating pool for them would be next to impossible.   Sabrina and Kane are fun loving and imaginative but neither was finding satisfaction in the relationships they’ve had because they’re forced to hold back their true needs and desires.   And last but not least, Emma and Gage; a couple who have been married for many years but work and self-doubt are driving a wedge between them.   Every couple is very different and yet they all have a driving need to experience fun and love with a sexual partner.  


Ms. Teglia is a talented author who writes in a variety of romance genres and never leaves her readers left wanting – expect for maybe her next book. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED is a prime example of what makes her one of my favorites – storylines that seduce both the mind and spirit.  

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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