Undercover Lover (Take Me, Lover, Book 2)
By Chrissy Dionne
Jul 27, 2013 - 6:52:44 AM

Anne Parker makes no apologies for divorcing her husband after he disappeared leaving her to birth their child alone.  He didn’t even bother to ask for visitation in the divorce, so his sudden reappearance in her life months later is more than a little unsettling.   As if that isn’t enough to have her nerves rioting, her friend Pete Crenshaw’s decided to take their friendship to a new level – and Anne never saw it coming – but her hormones have definitely gone into overdrive.


Pete Crenshaw has been biding his time for months, waiting for Anne’s divorce to be finalized and her to be ready to move on.  What he doesn’t expect to find when he visits her at home is a bunch of de-headed flowers on her front porch and a fuming Anne.  Pete had already decided to make his move and the knowledge that her ex-husband is sniffing around could be a problem.  Fortunately Pete is a confident man and seducing Anne isn’t a hardship.


Anne isn’t prepared for Pete’s assault on her long neglected hormones.  The simple fact that he jumps from ‘just friends’ to lovers in no time flat is certainly a shock but doesn’t give her time to overthink things either.  Anne’s aware something is off about Brad’s showing up on her doorstep out of the blue.  Pete’s concerned too, but his take on Brad’s reappearance is quite a bit different than Anne’s.  Rather than concern himself with Brad though Paul’s going to concentrate on getting Anne into bed and convince her she’s a beautiful desirable women – post baby body and all.  Sure he’s willing to wait until she’s ready, but it’s perfectly obvious that she’s ready now.


Charlene Teglia certainly doesn’t disappoint with the UNDERCOVER LOVER.  We first met Anne and Pete in REDLINE LOVER and there’d been a not so subtle comment from Pete about his attraction to Anne so I was really anxious to dive right into this story – and loved it!  As a single mother to a five month old infant, Anne is understandably feeling frumpy, unattractive and has all the normal body image worries a new mother would have, however, Pete sees her as a beautiful spirited woman whom he desperately wants in his life and bed.  Pete’s whole demeanor is sexy and dangerous which is an undeniably seat squirming combination.  Throw in a lot of seductive scenes, one dim-witted ex-husband, some surprise twists and turns … and of course, a kick-butt finale along with a happily-ever-after and you have a fun read that will leave you with a smile on your face.


UNDERCOVER LOVER is the second title in Charlene Teglia’s TAKE ME, LOVER series.  The series consists of four fast paced sexy titles so be sure to pick up the others as well:






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