Heartbreakers: Book II - Crazy on You

Author: Caitlyn Willows

Publisher: Amber Quill

Release Date: November 16, 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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Rock Musician Paul Tristan has spent the past year attempting to keep his love for Ceci under wraps.  From the moment he saw her he knew she was ‘the one’ but his brother Brian got to her first and that alone officially makes her off-limits.  However, Paul has vowed that if he can’t have Ceci then he’s going to make sure that his brother treats her like the goddess Paul considers her to be.

Ceci Powers relationship with Brian is complicated to say the very least.  The romance between them fizzled out long ago but with the brothers touring they’re rarely together and therefore it’s easier to pretend that everything’s ok.  Now things have gotten out of hand and it’s time to be honest with Brian and Paul, as well as herself. 


Ceci has come to feel like a part of the Tristan family over the past year but now a troubling situation has arisen and she’s going to have to risk her heart and happiness to make things right – at least for herself.  Thanks to a mistake and the paparazzi’s involvement she’s become ‘engaged’ to Brian but Brian’s already married – much to everyone’s surprise.  Paul is furious over what he feels is Brian’s deception and Ceci’s almost relieved. 


With a little ‘tough love’ challenge from one of Paul’s brothers Ceci may just get adventurous enough to go after the brother she truly desires.  Ceci’s biggest concern is that she’ll end up destroying the closeness between Paul and Brian.  As it turns out ending things with Brian is a blessing for both of them and seducing Paul is much easier than she could have ever dreamed.  It’ll take a little time and some much needed honesty but Ceci and Paul could have their happily ever after.  As for the hapless situation Brian’s in… well let’s just say, heads will roll, someone will be fired, and life will be forever altered for everyone involved.


CRAZY ON YOU is the second book in Caitlyn Willows’ HEARTBREAKER series and I thoroughly enjoyed this story.  With today’s paparazzi it’s easy to understand just how quickly rumors and lives can spiral out of control but these brothers seem to be very down to earth and devoted – not just to each other but their loved ones and fans as well.   I found these characters to be charming, realistic and lovable but also refreshingly vulnerable.  Ceci and Paul complement each other beautifully and even though they’re both typically ‘vanilla’ or ‘Mr. Missionary,’ as Paul’s brother, Caz likes to tease Paul, it’s obvious that with the right incentive and opportunity anyone is capable of enjoying a little ‘kink’ in their love life.


The next title in this series, IF LOOKS COULD KILL, is already available and yes I have already read it and it’s definitely noteworthy as well.  Caz and Brooke rub each other the wrong way but under the right circumstances there’s no denying the sexual sparks that ignite between them.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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