Heartbreakers: Book III - If Looks Could Kill

Author: Caitlyn Willows

Publisher: Amber Quill

Release Date: December 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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Mesquite drummer Caz Tristan prides himself on his control and until Brooke entered his life he’s never had any problem maintaining it.  His brothers have all out-voted him on hiring her on as the new manager for their group and working with her is the very last thing he’s interested in doing. 

For Brooke Hansen, being offered the job as Mesquite’s manager is a dream come true.  Well almost… it’s also nerve wracking and a bit daunting – especially when it comes to the tension that’s so prevalent whenever she’s in the same room with Caz.  Fortunately she’s tough enough to hold her own in the face of Caz’s adverse reaction and stand by her opinions regarding Mesquite’s future.


Brooke’s late for her first meeting with Mesquite about her managing them which doesn’t sit well with her at all.  First traffic and then reporters and paparazzi conspired to keep her from arriving in time and then horror of all horrors, the put together, kept look she prides herself on is blown by a few wisps of hair that refuse to be contained.  During the meeting she learns the details of what happened with Mesquite’s former manager and states her opinion on where their future should be heading.  There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that she’s a top-notch manager and will work hard to ensure that their success continues.  Caz is interested in her as more than a manager.  He wants to release her hair from its coil and show her that he’s the one in charge – not her! 


Their friend and lawyer Marvin offers Caz the perfect opportunity to regain his control.  He asks him and Nick to attend a gathering Marvin will be throwing later that night and promises that there will be new faces and a new scene that will be perfect for the two dominant men.  Only when they arrive they discover that the scene Marvin has arranged will result in far more than a satisfactory night of play.  For Caz and Brooke it’ll be the beginning of a ‘partnership’ in which they both get exactly what they want.


IF LOOKS COULD KILL is the third story in Caitlyn Willows’ HEARTBREAKERS series and it’s definitely a hot read that will incite readers to pick up copies of the other books in the series.  The tension between Caz and Brooke is captivating right off the bat and plays out in ways that leave you envious – especially once they’re forced to confront their desires and able to be true to themselves.  This is a wonderful addition to the HEARTBREAKERS series and if you haven’t had the opportunity yet, I’d suggest picking up the other books in this series:




MAGIC MAN – which is due to be released January 18, 2009


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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