Heartbreakers, Book IV: Magic Man

Author: Caitlyn Willows

Publisher: Amber Quill

Release Date: January 17, 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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Police officer Gaby Keating is determined to catch a killer but in order to do so she’s going to have to infiltrate the BDSM community.  Fortunately, she has an ‘in’ as her parents are heavily involved in the lifestyle but getting daddy’s help isn’t as easy as she had hoped.  When his refusal meets with resistance he opts to ensure her safety the only way he knows how – his way!  He’ll provide her with the tools she needs to appear to belong but it’s going to be on his terms and he’s got the perfect men to initiate his beloved daughter into the world of BDSM.

Attorney Marvin Keating knows his daughter well and there’s no doubt in his mind that she’ll go undercover to a sex club in order to find a killer with or without his help so he’s opted to control the circumstances – starting with making sure that she’s fully instructed in the ways of the a true submissive and aware of what will be expected of her. 


The ideal man for the job is none other than Nick Tristan and conveniently his friend Reid Hansen is with him when Marvin approaches them.  Without mentioning what’s really going on he simply tells them that he needs them both now and leads the way to his daughter’s room.  Nick and Reid hadn’t even been aware that Marvin had a daughter but they certainly aren’t going to let him down.  Immediately Nick feels an undeniable attraction to Gaby and he isn’t happy at all with this situation.  Oh he is more than happy to introduce her to the lifestyle but he has no intention of putting her at risk or allowing her to put herself at risk. 


Gaby can’t believe she’s about to be introduced into the BDSM world by Nick Tristan.  She’s had a schoolgirl crush on the Mesquite band member for years but never would she have believed that she’d actually find herself in such an up close and personal situation – and it’s about to get much, much more personal because Nick isn’t going to slack on any part of her submissive education – and neither is Reid! 


MAGIC MAN is the final story in the HEARTBREAKERS series and I have to tell you I’m a little bummed to see it come to an end.  These characters have charmed their way into my heart with their down to earth personalities and lack of ‘rock star ego.’   Caitlyn Willows successfully brings these men and their storylines to life so the reader feels like they could really be a friend and not just idols standing on a stage belting out favorite tunes. 


With MAGIC MAN we’re treated to Nick and Gaby’s tale and all the tension and wonder that goes along with it.  Not to mention a bit of humor that had me chuckling over the thoughts that run through Nick’s mind.  Gaby’s a tough cookie but with Nick she seems softer and vulnerable – maybe not a true submissive but perfect for him just the same.  What I truly got a kick out of is Gaby’s father’s attitude.  He’s a softie when it comes to her but there’s no doubt he instills a healthy amount of respect from everyone around him. 


If you haven’t read the rest of the books in Ms. Willows’ HEARTBREAKER series then I highly recommend all of them.  Believe me you’ll fall in love with these rocker brothers! 

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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