Author: Caitlyn Willows

Publisher: Loose Id

Release Date: February 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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Evan Fairfax, Richard Hall and Spencer Griffith are joint owners of an event planner business Diamond Dust.  They’ve dedicated long hours to making the business a success and it looks like their dreams could very well become a reality.  The only trouble is they’re overbooked, overtired, and the receptionist they rely heavily upon is officially on maternity leave.  At this point things could very well implode if something doesn’t change very soon.

Successful businesswoman by day, popular dominatrix by night, Julia Green balances the two very different worlds so well that very few people are aware of her dual lives.  She’s ready for a change, but it’s not because she’s unhappy with balancing her lives, it’s because she needs something more and thanks to her mentor Oliver she’ll be in the perfect position to achieve her heartfelt desires.


Evan, Richard and Spencer are desperate for help but rather than pick a name out of a phone book they opt to contact Oliver Holbrook to find out what temporary agency he uses.  Oliver’s a powerful entrepreneurial entertainment mogul and with a simple nod or frown of disapproval he has the ability to make or break a business.  Oliver takes them to task for not preparing for Amy’s maternity leave by hiring a temp.  He provides them with the information for Julia’s Gems, a temporary agency he’d recommended when he learned that Amy would be going on maternity leave and obviously the men had ignored.  The men have one other request; they want to book the dominatrix known as Maneater for their Mardi Gras parties – and if anyone knows how to locate her it’s Oliver.  Oliver makes no promises, he just tells Spencer that he’ll pass along the message and then it’s up to her to contact them – at a time of her convenience.


The men are in for a huge surprise because the new temp is more than efficient at running their office.  Julia has taken on the job herself and takes great care to ensure that she’s unrecognizable as Maneater.  She soon has the office running better than ever and will be cluing them in on a few truths about themselves and how to be better organized at work.  Of course she has a lot at stake too.  She’s felt that her life has been missing something vital and with these strong, loving men she’ll find more than she ever dreamed.  Each man has different needs and while only one holds her heart, all three will benefit from her experience and discipline – and they may just teach her a thing or two as well.


Caitlyn Willows never fails to delight her readers with unique storylines and loveable characters.  MANEATER is a hot story full of sexual tension, humor and self discovery.  Evan, Richard and Spencer have buried themselves in work and for the most part ignore their own needs.  The dominatrix Maneater forces them to acknowledge their needs and accept who they are and what they need.  On the flip side, Maneater/Julia is very confident that she knows best and isn’t used to being answerable to anyone – that is until she ticks off the men and then she learns otherwise.  Ms. Willows does a beautiful job showing the various aspects of the BDSM lifestyle and how each person’s needs must be taken into consideration.   I’d love to know what happens after this story ends so I’m really hopeful that we’ll be revisiting Maneater and her men.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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