Cabin Fever

Author: Diana Hunter

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Release Date: October 19, 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5


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Isabel is in her thirties and still unmarried, much to her mother's displeasure. She had accepted a date with a human octopus and when he refused to stop groping, Isabel got out of the car to walk home. Now, she's lost in the woods ten miles from the city, in the dark, and it's raining - so much for being an independent, self-sufficient woman.

Daniel is taking a break from civilization, and staying in a tiny cabin with no amenities. In the civilized world, Daniel was an attorney. He handed in his resignation when a case he was handling went very wrong and resulted in the death of a woman.


Racked with guilt, Daniel makes plans to live in the cabin alone. Those plans are demolished when Isabel literally faints at his feet. Cold, wet, alone, and hopelessly lost, Isabel struggles to find her way off the mountain where her date had left her. When she hears a growl, her imagination goes into overdrive and she begins racing through the trees, the branches rip at her clothes and inflict injuries to the skin beneath. In her panic, Isabel runs into a huge man who grabs her wrist. She escapes him, only to be tackled by a wolf. Seconds later, the shock of the evening?s events proves to be too much and Isabel faints. Daniel takes the young woman into his cabin and cares for her wounds, even stitching up a nasty cut on her arm. When Isabel wakes up from her faint days later, she's naked and tied to the bed. Isabel's also disturbed by the unexplainably realistic dreams she's having while sleeping. Daniel releases her, explaining that he'd been forced to bind her while she was feverish so that she wouldn't reopen her stitched arm. As Isabel gradually improves, her stubborn, independent nature become more obvious to Nathan, turning him on almost as much as it frustrates him. Daniel knows that once it begins to snow, they'll be snowed in, he plans to get her back to the city and go back to his solitary life, but Mother Nature has other plans. They end up snowed in. It will be months before they can get out again. With only each other for company and a single bed, life?s bound to get interesting.


From the very beginning CABIN FEVER is addictive, I read the entire story in one sitting. Isabel's stubbornness and determination endear her to the reader. Daniel's gentleness and take charge attitude, especially in a man his size is a huge turn on. Add to that, the fact that he?s an extremely dominant male and you have a man worth fantasizing about long after you finish reading. The plot is fast paced, action packed, filled with sexual anticipation, and contains a hint of paranormal. The mystery behind the dreams is fascinating and an interesting distraction from the intensity of the characters. Diana Hunter depicts the emotions behind each of the character's actions beautifully so that you feel an attachment for them. This is the perfect book to read on those cold winter nights when you're stuck inside, it gives a whole new meaning to the term "CABIN FEVER."

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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