Cabin Fever
By Patti Fleishman
Jun 15, 2003 - 12:33:00 PM

The journey always seems so very long when you want to get away.  Especially when getting away means leaving a place you've known all of your life.  When you say good-bye, trying not to look back, there is always that nervous moment when you question your decision.  It's realizing the answer you're looking for can only be found on your own terms.  It's really there, it really is.  All you need to do is follow your heart.

Nolie Harper did just that when she began her journey of a lifetime with her young daughter, Micahlyn.  Leaving their home in Whiskey Creek, Arkansas for Bethlehem, New York was the only way Nolie knew how to gain control of her future and that of her daughter.  But, it meant leaving behind the silken threads of her life with her husband Jeff.  It meant leaving the only home she had ever known after her parents had passed away in a horrible accident while she and Jeff were dating and still in high school.

Jeff's parents had taken her in and had treated her as if she had been their own.  After their graduation, Nolie and Jeff were married and within several years had a beautiful daughter, Micahlyn.  They had four wonderful years together and were so in love - life was good, life was perfect.  Life, though, had other plans for this happy family.  Jeff was taken from them in a moment of tragedy and Nolie's world was turned inside out.

Miracles do happen, although you might not always understand how.  Such is the case when Nolie's grandfather passes away and she decides to take over his Feed Store, which has deteriorated and is in need of much work.  Along with the Feed Store there are two cabins not far away which now belong to Nolie as well.

Nolie and Micahlyn find their home in one of the old cabins while the other one has been rented out to a man who likes to keep to himself.  According to Micahlyn he is the bogey-man, someone not to be trusted since she is afraid of him.  His unkempt appearance and standoffish manner would make the hair rise on anyone's arms. 

Chase Wilson, a prominent ex-lawyer, is in search of a new life, too.  He is trying to leave his past behind but he has no idea what his future will bring.   Even though he wants to hide from the world, there is a part of him that is yearning to belong to someone and participate in their life.  Never in a million years, though, would he ever have believed someone could want him for the person that he was. 

It also helps when you have guardian angels looking over your shoulders.  Yes, they do exist.  They are scattered throughout the pages of this breathtaking novel.  If you only believe in them they are there for you.  You need look no further than that first star that appears in the night sky.  For that is the wishing star and we all know just how important that beautiful twinkling light is.  'Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight, I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight...' 

Such is the story of Nolie, her daughter, Micahlyn, and Chase.  Marilyn Pappano has a wonderfully romantic way with words.  Her magic and her desire to draw us inside each character left me spellbound.  She takes the reader into a fascinating world where parallel lives find their way despite the obstacles life has thrown at them.  When their worlds collide, and the sparks fly, this is writing at its best.  I thoroughly enjoyed CABIN FEVER and the emotion it evoked in me.  Now, I will excitedly wait for September when her follow-up, SMALL WONDERS, is released. 

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