Cabin Fever
By Lacey
Oct 8, 2007 - 8:15:24 AM

Shaylee convinced Nikki to take a brief “vacation” to a remote cabin with the hopes of spending a romantic weekend with her boyfriend, Justin. Nikki, being the good friend she is, complied, setting out on an adventure. Little does she know, when she gets there, a man is already occupying the cabin and threatens to call the police, proclaiming she was breaking and entering.

Chase couldn’t believe it. He tied the thief up, plagued her with questions, only to find out she knows Justin—his brother— and has a key to his cabin. Why Justin would send his girlfriend to the cabin alone was beyond his understanding, but Chase couldn’t exactly send her away. A snow storm brewed in the skies, trapping them both in the secluded cabin alone.


Stuck together, they seem to get along great at first, but Chase finds his attraction to Nikki unavoidable. Can these two survive a passionless weekend alone together? Or is the fire not the only thing heating up the cabin?


Shelli Stevens delivered a highly entertaining tale with CABIN FEVER. Nikki and Chase are two opposites thrown in small cabin with a snowstorm trapping them there. A classic tale with a fresh, original style. I enjoy Ms. Steven’s work and recommend CABIN FEVER to lovers of steamy romance. You won't be disappointed.

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