Cades Challenge
By Shayla
Jul 20, 2007 - 3:49:09 PM

Sallie Archer has worked for Cade Langdon as his executive assistant for the past five years. While she is determined to keep their working relationship on a professional level, it gets difficult when she finds out there is a stalker hot on her trail. When the stalker makes his move to claim Sallie, Cade steps in and offers to hire body guards for her protection. But she veto’s the idea of living her life under the watchful eyes of a security squad. Can Sallie handle it when Cade refuses to let her be the target of a madman’s scheme and is determined to watch her every move?   How much longer can she ignore the longing she feels for Cade?

When Cade Langdon’s manufacturing plant starts having trouble, he never imagined his executive assistant could be involved in any way. Though he has always looked at her as more than just his assistant, he is very aware that she doesn’t allow anyone close to her. Cade senses that Sallie can be more than just a shy and quiet employee, but before he can crack the shell that encases her heart he must first find a way keep her safe. While doing a background search on all his employees, he finds secrets about Sallie that she has been keeping hidden. How does he react to her lies? Can these secrets lead to the psychopath?


Sallie and Cade are perfect for each other. Sallie needs someone to see her for what she is and not for the daughter of a well known rich man that she is known as. Cade is a man who works for what he wants - and he wants Sallie! But to have her he must first uncover her secrets and save her from the maniac who is determined to take her for himself.


CADES CHALLENGE is an incredible read.   The plot is believable, as are the characters. The sexual tension is so fiery my monitor was smoking before I ever finished the story. With so many twists and turns, I was kept guessing the identity of the stalker until the ending. Becky Barker did a marvellous job with this story. Of course, I don’t believe I have ever read a bad story by this wonderful author.

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