Cajun Hot
By Sandi Potterton
Aug 10, 2007 - 10:35:26 PM

Sahara Jensen is an up-and-coming photographer with her first assignment for National Geographic. Her mission is to get pictures of a particular orchid in its natural habitat—the swamps. First her guide cancels, second she gets lost in the swamps, and third she falls in smelly, mucky, alligator-infested swamp water!  And now her boat is leaking!  What's a girl to do? Take the help offered by two gorgeous Cajun hunks of course! But those Cajun hotties have more on their mind than helping her, they want to show her true Cajun hospitality—especially Jacque Cherchat—in fact, he just might want to keep her awhile and show her how 'bad' Cajun boys can really be!

CAJUN HOT is a tremendously entertaining comedy of a romance. I was enthralled from page one right on through to the end.  The story is hot and sexy as well and I was either fanning myself from the heat or chuckling over the antics of the characters.  The general plot is pretty straightforward, but the route to get to the happy ending has some outrageous moments.  The story keeps your interest and I was very disgruntled anytime I had to put the book away and do something else.  Ms. Black's characters are rich and well-rounded.  Sahara has some serious career goals and is not in the mood to take a detour for love; she is fun, likeable and amusing.  Jacque presents himself as a laid-back, sexy Cajun, which he certainly is, but there is a lot more to him as well. The secondary characters really add to this story, both in humor and outrageousness.  The sex scenes are explicit, extremely hot and contain elements of ménage, bondage and exhibitionism. I truly enjoyed CAJUN HOT and highly recommend it if you are looking for a fun, amusing and extremely sexy read!

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