Calamity Jayne Goes To College
By Leigh
Apr 1, 2007 - 7:12:00 PM

In order to earn a pay raise, reporter Tressa Jayne Turner heads back to college for journalism classes.  Higher learning isn’t any kinder to Tressa - appropriately nicknamed Calamity Jayne – now than it was the first three times she tried it.  They still expect her to stay awake in class, study for exams, and keep the candy wrappers off her desk.  She’s also expected to come up with a topic for an investigative journalism report.  When her cousin Frank and his fiancée Dixie tell her about the recent campus crime wave, Tressa knows she’s found her story.

Frank and Dixie are convinced that someone is using their law enforcement professor’s syllabus as a blueprint for criminal activity.  Each Friday a crime has been committed, the same crime that had been a lecture topic for their class.  Convinced the criminal is one of their classmates, the would-be officers team up with Tressa to investigate the students and find possible suspects.


Tressa is not the adept investigator she strives to be.  Her enthusiasm outweighs her better judgment, and when you add in Tressa and Dixie’s mutual animosity toward each other, their investigation lands them in hot water.  Crime sprees and sinking GPA’s aside, Tressa has her hands full with her Grammy’s love life, her best friend’s wedding, a fake engagement, a hot State Trooper, and an even hotter DNR officer.  Jumping from one frying pan to another, Tressa struggles to find the copycat criminal before he graduates to homicide.


CALAMITY JAYNE GOES TO COLLEGE is the fourth installment of the Tressa Jayne Turner Mysteries.  Tressa is hilarious, both in her thoughts and actions.   Her antics may be over-the-top, but they keep her both humble and loveable.  The supporting characters are well-developed and round out the story, providing the laughter and groans only family can produce.  Lively, quick-paced, full of memorable characters, and laugh-out-loud funny, this is a great pick for both mystery and romance fans. 

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