Calamity Jayne Heads West
By Roberta Austin
Oct 16, 2007 - 2:10:55 AM

Tressa Jayne Turner is leaving her hometown of Grandville, Iowa to head to Arizona for her grandma's wedding to Joe Townsend. This means Ranger Rick will be along for the trip and upcoming nuptials. Rick and Tressa have been friends for years. He named Tressa "Calamity Jayne" after her many misadventures in the past. Trouble still seems to follow poor Tressa. She is often torn about whether she should kiss or kick the handsome, but irritating Rick. Of course, even though Tressa is just "along for the ride" on the wedding trip, the road turns bumpy.

Tressa buys a fertility figurine as a wedding gift for Granny and Joe. This seemingly innocent purchase pulls her into intrigue worthy of a Dan Brown novel with quirky characters and strange messages. There's even a hilarious section on speed dating thrown into the mix.

This is the fifth in the Tressa Jayne Turner mysteries. Ms. Bacus brings the first time reader up to speed on the back story faster than a freight train, but you won't want to miss the earlier hi-jinks of the ditzy blond heroine in this series that just keeps getting better with each book. The romance in this novel, as well as previous ones, is built on thick sexual tension between Tressa and Rick. Their relationship is further complicated by Tressa's faux engagement to Manny DeMarco, a man of mystery who wants to keep his Aunt Mo happy.

Don't miss the laugh out loud fun with Tressa and the gang as they make the West a little wilder. I can hardly wait for the next Tressa tale.

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