Calder Pride
By Rhea Palmer
May 1, 2007 - 7:28:00 AM

Cat Calder is a very strong and independent woman. When her fiancé is killed in a freak auto accident, she is determined to guard her heart, never again to tap the passion she shared with Repp Taylor. On a drunken night with her girlfriends, she meets a tall dark-haired stranger who in her inebriated state resembles her lost fiancé. A one night stand, no more. The next morning Cat sneaks out of her lover’s bed, determined to never see him again.

Fate has other plans, however. That one night stand did not go without consequences and the dark-haired stranger now has a name: Logan Echohawk. He is in town and he is looking to stay permanently. Cat can’t handle having her heart broken again, but she will not give up her son. How much longer can she keep him a secret from the father he resembles so much?


Janet Dailey continues the Calder Saga which began with the first Texas Calder seeking his fortune in the wild Montana country. In volume 5 of this series, Janet Dailey’s portrayal of Chase Calder’s daughter shows a strong woman with an iron will, much like her father. The powerful feelings surging through her characters will keep you on the edge of your seat, wondering what could possibly happen next, until the very end.

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