Calder's Rose
By Jennifer Wardrip
Jun 12, 2003 - 12:43:00 PM

"Calder's Rose" is a story within a story.  Shane McNamara, best-selling author of the "Texas West" series, has been paired up with Devin James, who has a hit series of her own with the "Scarlet Garter" books.  "Calder's Rose" is to be a team effort, a book introducing Shane's cocky hero Dare Calder to Devin's prim and proper heroine, Rose.  Once you get the gist of that, this book is a wonderful story, whether the scene focuses on Shane and Devin, our real-life heroes, or Dale and Rose, our storybook ones.

Shane has vowed never to let his hero be tied down by a woman.  After all, it's the wild west, and a hero needs a willing woman in every town.  Devin has always promised herself that no man would sweet talk his way into Rose's bed, even though she might be the owner of the Scarlet Garter saloon, where many women are available on a short term basis.

Shane vows from the beginning that Calder will seduce Rose in this book, and Devin has countered that with a strong "over-my-dead-body" mentality.

Ms. Angell has written a delightful story, on both accounts.  The interaction between Shane and Devin, whether they're arguing, cursing, or kissing, elevates the tension by ten that a writer feels when writing just one story.  Shane's Calder and Devin's Rose have a little tension of their own going on, whether it's on paper or in their "semi-being" state.

If you like intrigue, magic, passion, and a peek at what it takes to write a good book, you're going to love "Calder's Rose".  And if you're like me, when you're done you're going to want to find other works by Ms. Angell to read, to keep that magic alive.

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