Calendar Boys--December: First and Always
By jhayboy
Jan 14, 2009 - 12:50:03 PM

After a year together, football superstar Tre Griffin and English teacher Michael Pappas are no closer to finding any decent amount of time to spend together. The one positive thing about the year is that Michael now understands enough football to know what Tre’s stats are – which in itself is cause for concern from his dad who has known him as never having any interest in sports.

When his dad confronts him about his relationship with Tre over the Christmas holidays, he admits the relationship. However, not comfortable with how his other parent will react to the information they both tread lightly on how to approach the matter.


Caught up in the festivities of the season and missing Tre, Michael is very surprised and excited, when Santa not only gives him his Christmas wish, but also a little extra in his stocking.


After a year of the CALENDAR BOYS SERIES, the duo that is Jamie Craig revisits the first couple to start the series off, Tre and Michael. Both men have managed to find time to be together during the past year, even if it is not the amount of time they would have wanted. Another big factor for them minimizing their time together is that they are most definitely in the closet about their sexuality with both sets of families and most importantly Tre’s career is not the most forgiving to their lifestyle.


When Michael is asked directly by his father if Tre is more than just a friend to him – he cautiously admits to the relationship – but not everything is smooth sailing as he has another parent to tell.


An enjoyable feel good read of wishing for the one thing you want more than anything else and end up getting more than you bargained for. CALENDAR BOYS – DECEMBER - FIRST AND ALWAYS is a beautiful read to end the year.

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